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Adin Shop in the Diamond District in Antwerp
Specialized in fine antique jewelry and French jewelry
Two rings from Adin used in the movie "The Da Vinci Code"
Adin mentioned in USA VOGUE March 2013
Adin quoted in Vanity Fair August 2013

Adin antique jewelry synonymous with top quality and outstanding value

Adin is selling online since March 1999 and has been greeted by extremely positive reviews from all over the world. We supply jewelry for movie productions such as "The DaVinci Code", to high profile shows and international customers. Jewelry bearing the Adin name are synonymous with top quality and outstanding value.

Our antique jewelry is jewelry that has reached an age of 100 years or more and that makes it a witness of a previous era in human history. Many pieces of our antique jewelry typically feature fine workmanship and high quality stones, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.

We are specialized in fine antique jewelry. Most of our antique is of European origin. We strive to offer you only those pieces that will pass our quality tests. Offering you quality and wearable antique jewelry at interesting prices is our mission.
Elkan Wijnberg
owner, CEO of Adin
Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1960, graduated in 1981 as a master goldsmith, Elkan Wijnberg gained worldwide recognition as an expert in antique and vintage jewelry.

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