afreetrapper's Shop Announcement

I am a very accomplished cook and though I grew up in a city I have close ties to farm life. As a kid I heard stories about making meat in the fall. How the hams and bacon were smoked and sausage made from the pork trim. For a brief period I worked at the Burlingame Locker Company in Burlingame Kansas where we would process beef and pork for the local farmers. There I gained a lot of hands on experience in smoking and curing meat as well as make country sausage, summer sausage and jerky. I enjoy learning about different cultures through the foods they eat especially there smoked meats and sausages. Over the years I have developed some of my own meat rubs and sausage seasonings. They have been enjoyed by family and friends for years and now I would like to share them. I make every effort to assure that that quality spices and herbs are used and I use a sample from each batch to make sure it is up to my personal standard.