ahniradvanyi's Shop Announcement

The launch of the first Resonating Threads collection, called "Ahni Gear" is NOW. Watch for the shop to open- immediately. These 6 bags are not the purse of your mother's generation. In our dynamic world we need our technology close at hand. With these 6 adaptable bags, your mobile technology is available to help you command your world while looking like a Boss.

The Resonating Threads relocation to Bali is the first step of the larger plan to facilitate a permanent production house in Bali which will hire and train women, mothers, the art of leather working, while paying a higher labor wage than otherwise available.

I will create a women's empowerment program to train women, mothers, the art of leather working. Women will be able to support themselves, their family, and their community. Through global e-commerce there is so much wealth to share.

A better business model for the fashion manufacturing industry is growing roots. The Resonating Threads tagline has been "Fortune favors the prepared, and evolution favors the adaptable." It's true for the thriving of our daily life, and it helps to have tools for your life close at hand. My belts and holsters can keep your smart phone safe, and thus your connection to the world. In business as well as life, through online commerce and social networks we are prepared to embrace our technology, and we adapt with evolution of human rights worldwide.

Ahni Radvanyi

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.