slave bracelets, body chains, and other unique pieces

I randomly walked into a jewelry supply store and thus began an instant love affair.

It all started when I wandered into a jewelry supply store one day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was in love with all the colors and shiny things around me and began grabbing random things off the racks and went to the checkout. I was back the very next day buying more.
I started making jewelry as a hobby and giving away all of my creations to my friends and family as gifts. I continued like that for about a year until enough people convinced that I needed to try selling my creations. I was a little skeptical at first and thought surely no one would care about what little ol' me was making, but not long after I opened up shop I got a very positive response from the etsy community. It gave me the motivation to work harder and harder until it finally became my day job.
I never thought that I could possibly love my job so much. I still get so excited when new supplies come in the mail and instantly start dreaming up different ways to use them.
I hope that you will all love my jewelry as much as I love making it <3
owner, maker, designer, curator, photography, shipping, everything in between
I love art, travel, food, wine, friends, family, and of course jewelry. I love making new and interesting pieces that you won't find anywhere else. I hope you like what you see and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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