alaskaburlworks' Shop Announcement

Hello I’m Joe Milligan. I’ve been carving since 2000. Each one of my pieces are truly one of a kind, there will never be another. I start with a raw burl and carve the inside out to match the outside as close as possible. I use a variety of tools to achieve this, 1st the chain saw then forsner bits to remove the bulk of the wood then Lancelot or squire, I finish with a Merlin then sand with a gueinevere. I try to get the piece as thin as I can ¼” or so is the norm. I usually use dead trees for my pieces so they usually have lots of color and worm holes and tracks on them. All of my burls come from Alaska. I collect burls in the winter while snow machining.

If you see something you like make me a offer !!!

I will ship any where I just need to find out shipping costs.