alericart's Shop Announcement

My name is Alan Eric Hernandez. I am a local sculptor from South Florida. I'm also a California native but grew up mostly in New York and Florida. While in Florida I studied under sculptor Raymond Katz and was invloved in countless installations and sculpture conservation projects both in museum and private collections. These collections included sculptures by Arman, Baldacinni, Berdal, Botero, Chadwick, Flanagan, Lambert-Rucki Maillol, Santo, Trova, and the like. I believe that my talent is passed down to me from my great-great grandfather- Joachim Pi Margall, a well known sculptor in Spain. He was also brother to Francisco Pi Margall who ruled Spain into a Republic in 1873. I started by sculpting animals at two years old. At eighteen I entered the US Airforce and had not sculpted in what seemed "a lifetime". Some years after the Airforce I became a police officer. It was during this time my passion for sculpting was revived! Its been a slow but ever-evolving process. Now I am using this talent to bring health and healing to my sister Aleena, by raising funds for her care and surgery. What she suffers from is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy commonly referred to as HCM. My wish, is to see her well again, through which I can only hope, pray and sculpt to make happen. Thank you for visiting my store and enjoy.