alicedoesmalice's Shop Announcement

I tackle a lot of issues with my art, subjects that make other people feel a little squeamish, like hate, suicide, sex, addiction (of all kinds, including to other people), drugs, depression, lesbian & gay issues, self-esteem, ego, apathy, loneliness, abandonment, pure meanness, and spin it together with wolves and other exotic animals, blood splatter, special effects, retro art, glitter, and a little humor fueled by beer and midol. I feel like a rock star without the world tour or platinum sales.

Plus, I have to laugh at myself because I'm nothing short of a cautionary tale for other people. Look at me, and DONT DO WHAT I DO! Smart people can sometimes be devoid of common sense and I guess I'm one of them. I just can't gain enough momentum to get away from my own stupidity and choices that defy the laws of physics.

I have to tackle uncomfortable topics, because, well, I'm right there with 'em, or my friends are. I have to get it all out because there's no other way to do it, and some smart bastard once said art was good for the soul. I don't know if that's true, but it sure makes me feel a helluva lot better to put all my grief on paint and canvas and do a lot of crazy cutting with scissors. It at least makes me feel like I have some small amount of control over... something.

So I guess Hell has frozen over! After two years of arguing with everyone, the Queen of Anti-Valentines Day, Alice D. Malice, is finally getting work on here in 2012. Tantalizing originals OOAK collages and anti-valentine cards sure to crisp up your tender eyeballs with "the new cruelty". Look for Alice Does Malice on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for even more pure meanness.