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There may be delays in your order due to volume. I'm going to do my best to keep on target with the timelines listed in each individual listing -- please read the "SHIPPING" section in each listing before purchasing to know what those are and take note that I am on vacation and will not be sending orders out until Feb 4th at the earliest, in most cases. Thanks!

I am EXTREMELY far behind in convos and convo responses these days. If I don't get back to you right away, please read the entire listing you had questions about or look over my shop in general -- you may find an answer to your questions there! Please forgive my lateness in responding to you, and please do feel free to write again if I haven't replied in my usual time frame. I promise that I want to respond to everyone, and I apologize for the long delays. I'll be prioritizing answering questions that aren't already answered in my listings, shop policies, or shop in general.

Welcome to the cross stitchery! There are other Wall and Off the Wall Stuffs coming, but for now, revel in the multicolored threads and the simultaneously ironic and earnest needlework of what I've got here. REVEL IN THEM. And know that more are coming.

I love doing new custom work! Give me your tangled, your knotted masses of numbered threads and your headaches, and I will stitch what you want with joy. Many of the pieces you see here were commissioned by people with inside jokes to tell through needlework -- exactly my favorite kinds of people to work for.

If you are a fellow stitcher, I'm working on ways to get my weird patterns available for purchase, but if you're looking for one pattern in particular, let me know so I can focus on producing the one you want. All the designs are copyright me, 2009-14 -- here's the creative commons rights list: -- so please don't try copying them from pictures and such; I'm willing to work with you to get you the pattern you're looking for if you convo me. There's no need for squinting at a computer screen to steal 'em. In a similar vein, please don't pin any of my photos without permission. (Just let me know -- I'd like to be able to follow you on pinterest! :D)

Though if you've read this far, you probably weren't likely to, anyway.

Alrighty. Back to the stitching.

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