allwashedupsoaps' Shop Announcement

All Washed Up Soap Co. is a small, mother-daughter business based in my kitchen in Sherman, TX. We only use 100% natural ingredients in our recipes and enrich most of our soaps with shea butter and essential oils. All coloring and other characteristics of our soaps come from herbs, spices, milks, and/or seeds.

We know you'll enjoy our soap which is full of character and natural goodness made only with beneficial ingredients to make your skin clean and smooth. Our soaps will give your skin a silky texture with a mild, luxurious lather, and delightful fragrance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Handmade soap needs to be kept away from standing water and kept dry between uses. To make each handmade bar last as long as possible, we recommend using a well draining soap dish.

The appearance of handmade soap varies slightly from bar to bar and from batch to batch. Each batch is hand poured, cut, and labeled. Each bar may be slightly different in shape, color, or weight, but this only adds to the beauty and unique character of handcrafted soaps. Approximate weight of each of our bars is 4.0 - 4.5 oz.

Always perform a skin test when using new skin care products to ensure that allergic reactions do not occur. This can be done by applying the product to the inside of the upper arm. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient(s), reaction should occur within 24 hours of application.

Never use extremely hot water! Hot water dries out your skin and strips it of its natural oils, resulting in dry sensitive skin.