AlmostArtisan's Shop Announcement

At Almost Artisan we sell 100% homemade, and 100% handcrafted soaps and body products to fit your every need. All of our products are made from natural ingredients, free of sulfates, and other harmful chemicals. Using our soap is a luxuriously cleansing experience!

Most “soaps” on the market aren’t even called soap, but “beauty bars” or “moisturizing cleanser.” Big brands use petroleum based produces, and remove the naturally occurring moisturizers from their soaps. They then replace them with harsh detergents that deplete your skin’s natural resources. Almost Artisan soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils for scent. They will leave your skin naturally soft, clean, and nourished.

Almost Artisan was started because two madly-in-love people one day discovered that making soap was one of the most relaxing and fun ways to let loose after a long hard day. What started as a simple hobby to fill the odd hours quickly became a bit of an obsession and very soon those two young lovers had more soap than they could possibly hope to use themselves! The determined husband and wife team decided that to support their hobby, they had no choice but to go into business if they were to continue to feed their soap-making addiction!

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-Kerry and Emily Burt

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