This is the print that started it all.
11 x 17 prints organized by city and ready to be sold!
A hand-aged "Original" piece in a vintage frame.
Typical online research session: Laptop, coffee, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Making Monsters

My work began with a show at Wildcard in 2010, a great store in Pittsburgh (, where I had the inspiration to photoshop a gigantic monster into an old engraving of the city. Since then I've expanded with different cities, holiday & greeting cards, original works and more, all taking historic images and adding in something from a pop culture sci-fi background.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel to different cities selling my wares, and my work was recently featured as part of the Futur Anterier show at the agnes b. galerie du jour in Paris.

Each piece starts with the original image. I do a lot of online and flea market research to find interesting pieces, then I look for some monster, robot, alien or other creature that fits the style of the piece. I do all this in between sessions of noseball with my dog Otis (
Matthew Buchholz
owner, designer, Chief Curator of Monstrous Anachronisms
I grew up in Tucson, AZ, graduated from NYU, lived in Brooklyn for years and moved to Pittsburgh in 2008. I now combine my love of history and bad sci-fi movies into my art. I'm on the right in the picture.
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