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Last updated on May 10, 2022

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Why hello there! Thank you for perusing my little Etsy Store!

I've been making drawings, beadwork and many other types of crafts for myself, friends, family and prospective clients for many, many moons. :) I use all-natural, mineral and semi-precious stone beads, (unless otherwise noted on rare occasion), and love working in pen, pencil, conté, charcoal, colored pencil, marker, and pretty much just about any other mark-making or creative-use material I can find. :) I dabble in paint once in a while, as well as photography and digital imagery, and specialize in fantasy or dark art. (Though I enjoy classical portraiture and life casting as well. :)) For many years I've offered character portraits (for games and the like), but I love it all.

So if you have any ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me with whatever thoughts or requests you've got! :) I love personalizing my work and making peoples' dreams come true. so if you're looking for a touch of magic in a piece, or would like a little something whimsical to make someone smile, laugh, or even cry (good tears!) please let me help you touch a bit of the fantastical through a 2D or 3D piece, handmade especially for you!

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
Please see the above "Payment" section for information about my refunds policies.

Exchanges are fine PRIOR TO SHIPMENT. In other words- I'm happy to exchange an equally-priced item for another in my shop, but will do so only -prior to shipping your item out to you.- Until my business grows significantly enough to handle such circumstances more fluidly, (or you're willing to pay for item-shipping back and forth), a post-shipment exchange will essentially be considered as a return.
I accept PayPal, cashier's check, money order and personal checks. (As long as 3 days are given after a personal check's receipt; to ensure that the check has cleared). :) Please make payment within 7 days' time after your item's been purchased, or contact me a.s.a.p. if you have difficulties using Etsy's purchasing system, or for some reason immediate payment is not feasible..

Also, I -will- haggle, but please remember that I made these things with my own time, money, care and effort, and that every piece has been created with love. (Yes, even the horror stuff. ;)) So please, keep in mind that these are tough times for all of us, and that (on the up-side!) we sell things here at Etsy which you can't find anywhere else- because they're all made by individual artisans like me! :D

I do everything I can to ensure that my descriptions are accurate and my materials are top-shelf. But if you are unhappy with an item, all I request is that you let me know prior to the return-shipping of an item, so we can try and rectify the problem. :)

If an item arrives damaged, broken, or you feel there was some problem with the representation of a piece, please contact me! Customer satisfaction is crucial, and I'll do whatever I can to ensure you get what you've paid for, and that your purchase is all in one piece when it arrives. I'm extremely honored & grateful to my customers for wanting to take a piece of my art home with them, so I like to know they're truly happy with their orders. :) If you'd like proof of my integrity, feel free to visit my ebay feedback page at

If no resolution is possible however, I will gladly refund you the original item's price.

(Please Note: I will not accept items that have been damaged after buyer's receipt, nor returns if your intended recipient "just doesn't like x, y, or z." (I.e. if I've done my part and made good on getting you the item you've ordered.)

If you would like to return a piece, please do so within 30 days of your item's receipt, and know that you are responsible for the required return shipping and handling.

If you'd like to cancel the creation of a custom piece, or the framing/special matting of a purchased print, please do so before shipping is made. That way we both save shipping fees, and I can re-list the item once it is completed.

Thanks for reading the "fine print..!"
The formula I use for pricing my art & craftwork is essentially the same one I use for my shipping fees: Calculate costs for item's materials/shipping, and try to break even. ;) Plus, unlike many sellers on Ebay nowadays, I refuse to charge jacked-up, ungodly shipping rates in order to compensate for obscenely low item prices.

I try to minimize costs and waste by recycling materials, charge a small fee for packing materials (such as padding foam, bubble wrap, tissue, packing popcorn, etc.), & generally use Priority Mail & Flat Rate Shipping. (The prices for which can be found on the official USPS site here, at:

I'm not here to make money on shipping fees, so whatever it costs me to ship your items to you, that's exactly what I'll charge. :)

If you purchase an item but are still browsing my shop, just drop me a line. Whenever you're done buying, just give me another holler, and as soon as you're done making your final purchase(s), I'll send you a message notifying you of your item total along with the complete price for shipping.

Et voila- as soon as full payment is received, your item(s) will be shipped within 1-2 business days. :)

If you'd like to add insurance, tracking on a shipment, alter packing methods or materials (such as gift wrapping or the use of bubble wrap instead of packing peanuts for an item), just let me know after your final purchase and we can work out the details via e-mail/ArtFire message, to deduce your shipping total.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! :) I will always be happy to itemize shipping fees, and will also gladly provide a copy of your USPS shipment receipt upon request.

There are no additional fees for sending 2 or more items in one shipment, as long as the means for sending your initial item goes predominantly unchanged.

For Example:
If you buy 2 framed prints of the same size and they can BOTH travel SAFELY and comfortably in one box, they may both be sent in the same Flat Rate box to save on shipping. (That way you get 2 pieces for the shipping charge of one, with no charge for the extra little bit of padding & packing TLC.)

The same principle would also apply to one framed print and say.. a few items of jewelry. A Flat Rate box is needed to send the print anyway, so I would happily nestle your jewelry in the same box as the already wrapped & packaged print, with no fee for the extra bit of padding for your jewelry. :) This could also be said about 2 framed prints that were half (or less than half) the size of larger print, perhaps 2 pairs of horns gently placed in the same box, and so on. As long as your items can all fit SAFELY and neatly within the same parcel, I'll do what I can to minimize costs. :)


If you order a sculpted piece and some jewelry for example, I'll not tack on any additional shipping fees for the padding or packing tissue needed to ship your jewelry safely within the same, already padded parcel needed for the sculpture.

But I will -NOT- try to cram 4 framed prints in a box meant for 1, or skimp on padding just to fit an item in. The safe arrival of your items is VERY important to me, so each parcel is packed with tender, loving care, and sent on its way w/the best protection possible to ensure its safe arrival. I want to make sure my work gets to you -safely,- so you are (or your gift's recipient is) happy with what you've just purchased from me. :)

-Obviously, the item's size and fragility will determine the kind of flat Rate or general Priority parcel it will necessitate, but usually jewelry can be sent in a Small Flat Rate Box. (Usually chosen unless otherwise directed by a customer, as the boxes are sturdier, cost only .90 more, and, should the need arise, can also accommodate other items in a shipment more easily- and safely. :))

I can also arrange gift wrapping for a minimal extra charge upon request! Please contact me for details. :D

Lastly, if you like what you've seen (or acquired) from me, please- tell a friend!

Thank you for carefully reading all this, and thanks so much for your visit!

Love and Light,
R. Marie
Additional policies and FAQs
Alchemy & Custom Orders:
I enjoy creating original and unique pieces for prospective clientele. If I have an item in my store that whets your interest but isn't quite what you're looking for, please, contact me! I love working with new, creative people, and I'm happy to tailor a piece specifically to you, your interests, your group, your desires and/or your needs. :)

There are two ways in which a custom piece can be created:
1. I can make you an integral part of the creation process; by first requesting a full write-up of your desires, and then showing you scans or photos of my work as the piece evolves; at each step giving you the option to choose a piece's details, general direction, etc.
2. You can also simply request a piece to be completed in its entirety for you; where you give me certain specifications or ideas for the piece (such as its details, theme, direction, subject matter, etc.), and then allow me to complete the work organically. With this option you get to see the finished piece upon completion, no fuss, no muss, just a piece inspired by you and your suggestions!

Method 1 Policy: If you request these interim check-ins however and upon completion of a piece the result is not what you're looking for, please respect my time, effort and talent used in creating your custom piece and either let me know -before- I ship a piece out to you, (so we both can prevent unnecessary time, trouble & cost, and I can set it aside for future sale elsewhere) or promptly return it upon receipt and kindly let me know where I went wrong via an e-mail or Etsy message. I aim to make my clients happy, and if I make pains to make something right for you, I'd like to know what I can do in future to better my work, as well as the commissioning process. Lastly, if this is the case and you don't like your commission after we've done a step-by-step collaboration, I will happily *scrap* the unsatisfactory piece and work on another one for you. However, please note that this will add to the final price of your item, as I have employed more resources, material, time and energy into the creation of a second piece for you.

Method 2 Policy: If you aren't happy with a piece that you have simply made a blanket-request for through a "from scratch" commission, I'm happy to try and rectify the problem BEFORE SHIPPING. Often a piece can be altered to an extent unless drastic changes are required, and I'm happy to do what I can to make a piece just what you're looking for. However, if you do request a whole new piece to be created after your original piece is created, again, please understand that this will incur additional cost, as I've already expended the time, materials and energy to create a finished piece for you.

Lastly, there is a 3rd method which you, as a commissioner may employ. If you would like to see a piece once or twice to get the idea of how a piece is going, I have no problem with scanning an image in once or twice for you along the line to help better make a piece what you desire. This would include a preliminary or "basic sketch" stage scan, and a mid-point or pre-color scan. If you don't like the piece in basic sketch mode, I have no trouble with redesigning a piece for you and recreating a piece. I'll get to the basic sketch point again and re-show you the new piece, and hopefully you'll like what you see. If not, you can either choose at this point to alter the sketch from that point on in its details, direction etc. (i.e. save the piece and continue its progression), or you may wish to "scrap" the commission entirely. I will do this once at no cost to you, but if you require re-sketching more than once, please note that a ten dollar, non-refundable fee will be incurred henceforth for each resulting complete redo/scrapping of a basic sketch. If you decide to continue a piece after however many multiple re-draws, the fee for that number of redraws will be added to the total cost of your finished commission. (In other words, one re-draw is included in the price of an initial commission price. However, for each complete re-draw you make me do, a $10, non-refundable fee will be added to your final commission price, for the time and materials used in each re-draw.) If you decide not to go through with a commission after multiple basic-sketch redraws, you will only be charged the fee for each re-draw requested after the initial first basic sketch.

--For example:
1 Commission w/ 1 Redraw = Original Commission Fee.
1 Commission w/ 2 Redraws = Original Commission Fee + #10.
1 Commission w/ 3 Redraws = Original Commission Fee + $20.
And if you request mulitple redraws but decide not to go through w/a completed commission, the price is as follows:
1 Canceled Commission w/ 1 Redraw = Free.
1 Canceled Commission w/ 2 Redraws = $10.
1 Canceled Commission w/ 3 Redraws = $20- and soforth.
And the same goes for multiple commissions. Each commission receives a complimentary re-drawing of the basic piece. After that, for each redrawing, the fee will be $10 per re-sketching.

I know it may sound complex, but if you EVER have any questions, concerns etc., please do not hesitate to contact me. I only "lay down the law" to prevent my time and talents from being taken advantage of, but I NEVER want to scare away the truly interested, curious, or enthralled kindred spirit. Don't let all the jargon and official-ese throw you. I'm always up for a quit chat and a laugh, and LOVE hearing from new people, getting new ideas, and making people happy. ^_^

Cheers and be Well!