amberbaltic's Shop Announcement

I’d like to share my passion for Amber.
These are genuine amber pieces that I bring from the Baltic Sea. There, amber is washed up on the coast after being dislodged from the ocean floor by thousand years of water. I grew up right there where winds and sands blow on the side of the Baltic’s. It seems only natural that I use amber in my jewelry. You’ll find all the colors and tones of the nature in the amber – wide range from clear lemon to honey, cognac browns, blacks, greens.
It shows you everything it has saved up in thousands of years it was formed.
Amber is unique among earthen treasures for its specific warmth (it does feel warm to your touch), its ability to enter into our psyche and find a place in our hearts.
I hope you love that which nature has provided us as much as I do and maybe you like it in my jewelry as well.
Thanks to Esty I am now able to share my passion and art with the world.
Enjoy your visit.

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