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I am a multi-disciplinary fine artist. I graduated from Saint Martins School of Art with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture and also as a post graduate in Character Animation.

Since 1995 - I have been inspired in two quite diverse trains of thought: Firstly my Fine Art work in which I have worked in various media including acrylics, resins, glass, latex, wax and perspex. Some of these pieces were been exhibited globally, including at The Barbican Art Gallery and The Riverside Studios , London.
Secondly, my Soft Sculpture works (formally known as Portobello Bears) which have been exhibited throughout the world by specialist exclusive stores and galleries.

Now I am also exploring the magical world of animation and experimental film.
Beginning in 2010, I moved towards giving these characters life. This is an ongoing project for me - bringing together my background in music, love of film & theatre. Animation also utilizes the mathematical side of my brain which is key to this incredibly meticulously structured art form. You will be the first to hear of my projects as I complete them!
Thanks for your interest and continued support - I am so very grateful for all the enthusiasm and compliments I receive from you all, my treasured collectors.
For a gallery of more work sold on etsy, visit my old account: and look at sold items.

Meanwhile back to bears ---- my passion for creating one of a kind unique characters remains as strong as ever and I am now going to be showcasing new creations here on etsy.

For more information about me and my work :

Love to hear from you all
Big hugs,
Amy xx

*IMPORTANT* Back ground Information - the changing of my label from 'Portobello Bear Co.' to 'Amy Goodrich Collectables'.

"I would like to thank from my heart all the many collectors who have supported and appreciated my work since 1995. I began creating my soft sculptural artwork under the label of the 'Portobello Bear Co.'
In 2010, my label became simply 'Amy Goodrich Collectables'
Thank you again,
Amy xx "