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This is the place for a beautiful, affordable entry into the Anasazi flute experience. Players and collectors all over the country and in several countries abroad have begun their journey with the Anasazi-style flute, made from PVC. A reliable, quality instrument!

Added as of February, 2012: Handmade Native-American style flutes in wood! I will be making a variety of flutes in different keys made from interesting and tuneful woods at an attractive price for handmade instruments.

Now offering: Two new styles of flutes: a six-hole Indian raga flute, the Namasté, in E and a diatonic (major scale) flute in D major. The fingering on both of these flutes is very simple, one hole following the other up the scale, and you can overblow far into the next octave.

Introducing a 2 new flute models, the 6-hole Meditation Flute, in B minor and D minor. Hear the Bmi nor flute on YouTube:

Welcome to the Anasazi Dream Site! After you take a look at these flutes, listen to them on YouTube at this address:

I make modern versions in the style of the ancient Anasazi flute. Several years ago, 3 flutes were found alongside the remains of an Anasazi. The flutes and body dated back about 900 years. Two characteristics that distinguished the flutes were that they were rim blown and that the holes on each flute matched the others, indicating a fixed scale pattern, rather than a personalized scale like many other primitive flutes. Some modern makers, notably Michael Graham Allen, have recreated these flutes by fine-tuning the pitch, but still retaining the major pentatonic scale that is used by the flutes.
My Anasazi Dream flutes are made with pvc, which provide a clear, consistent tone and are noticeably louder than wooden Anasazi-style flutes.
The material also allows me to create a very affordable alternative to the more expensive wooden flutes. Each flute is handmade and finished to be a pleasing musical instrument. I provide some fingering guides and a free manual. You may hear samples of me playing the flutes at:
Anasazi style flutes are more challenging to play than the more well-known Native American flutes, but after learning the proper way to produce the sound, it is a very relaxing and rewarding instrument. I also make these flutes in three sizes, using the same scale pattern in higher keys, very suitable for smaller hands as well as playing in other keys and a higher sonority.
Please note that the colors in the pictures of the flutes are a little less vibrant than the actual colors.Please e-mail me for any further information.

The The Anasazi-style and Mojave-style flutes made on this site are not Native-American made. THESE FLUTES SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS "IN THE STYLE OF" NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES in their style and various tunings.The flutes are all individually handcrafted and made to provide a pleasing musical experience.