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My work attempts to explore many of the elements that drive we endlessly fascinating humans each day – our inescapable relationship with our emotional state, the barriers of our own creation, and the curiosity that keeps us striving forward despite those obstacles.

Each of us lives our daily lives in a labyrinth of emotion; even the most self-assuredly rational among us is, in ways large and small, reacting to these chemical and biological surges of feeling from deep within. These emotions (and our responses to them) are both constricting and liberating, keeping us in a constant state of motion. They bind us to one another and they bind us to the natural world in ways that each of us is just beginning to understand.

At the same time, we are throwing up barriers, keeping ourselves safe. We construct these walls to protect our fragile selves – from our surroundings, from our desires, and even from our growth as fully realized components of the world in which we walk, live, love, and work. Yet these very barriers can come to define us – what we can and will tolerate, with whom we will relate and how, and our ability to respond to challenges that arise. In many ways, we are housed within the walls we construct for ourselves, and while they may keep us warm and safe from the winter of the world beyond, so too do they stifle us.

At our core, we are born of curiosity. Often the simplest questions are those that plague us the most, becoming the most confounding. Simply put, what is real? What is unreal? Where is the liminal zone that defines the two, and how do our own limitations on our perceptions allow us to define, experience, and value each?

It is this curiosity that powers each of our journeys, and mine in particular. As I work with these varied materials, I am exploring my own journey through my emotional reality, my protective barriers, and my existential curiosity. Each has tangible and intangible qualities that define it, as do we all. As these emotions struggle to find their voice, their outlet, their escape, they become manifest in a piece that speaks to our individual and collective journeys. Each is a marker of an emotional mile travelled; each is a milepost along the road to the inevitable destination.

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