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angelicsoap's Shop Announcement

Indulgent. Exotic.Therapeutic. Handcrafted Soaps created in the cold process method by a Lightworker, a Healer and a Hedonist to truly benefit and delight your skin, senses and spirit.

We make real soap from scratch with the freshest, highest quality vegetable oils and butters to assure gentle cleansing with a rich, low, moisturizing lather. Angelic Soaps are vegan.

Our specialty soaps include unique and high performance cleansing bars based on ancient Ayurvedic principles. We offer unique, artisanal products with customer service that is second to none.

Due to the handcrafted nature of all of our products, soaps and aromatics vary from batch to batch depending on our recipe, our ingredients, and the season. Angelic Soap is elegantly rustic, cut by hand and created in small batches to highlight the handmade quality. Due to this handcrafted aesthetic, no two soaps are exactly the same.

We use as many fair trade base organic oils and butters as possible, including raw, organic and unrefined West African shea and African cocoa butters. We organically grow our own herbs and use as many organic ingredients as possible.

Your skin should NOT suffer irritation! Due to sensitivities, all of our soap is lightly scented and aromatherapeutic, unless described otherwise.

If your skin has specific requirements, be certain to check the ingredients and the scent description in our soap before you purchase, as not all of the soap recipes are identical.

We now offer divine, natural, aromatic parfum! If you do not see what you like, please ask. Each parfum is made to order, so we are happy to customize and match your favorite Angelic Soap scent!

All of our fine soaps and natural parfums come ready for gifting in gold organza and gold tissue.

We ship through the USPS and provide you a tracking/confirmation number so you are able to check on your order's progress/location.

Shipping overages on all orders greater than $1.00 are refunded immediately!

We accept PayPal and major credit cards.

Angelic Soap charges sales tax for all transactions made in the state of Georgia, U.S.A.

There are no returns on body products, so please read all of the descriptions and ingredients before placing your order.

Thank you for visiting our shop!

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Here are some of our beautiful customer's comments:

"I just wanted to tell how much I love the Vata Shea Ayurvedic soap that you sent me for my dry skin. It is like washing with the best lotion that money could buy only better. I have not had one dry patch on my face, shoulders or chest since using this wonderful soap.
Thank you for this wonderful product.
I look forward to washing my face instead of dreading the inevitable dry, tight feeling that usually occurs in the winter. E.C.

"The Pure Olive Oil Castile soap is AWESOME! In the past month, I had 3 patches of psoriasis pop up just under my right eye ~ when I used the Pure Olive Oil Castile for the first time the other night, GONE, upon impact! Thank you so much! ♥" WO

"I again want to thank you for the FANTASTIC soap! I feel like I have rolled through a field of mint and eucalyptus when I am done with my shower. It is truly the BEST soap I have ever had the pleasure of using. Not only does it smell good but it is also man sized. No more wimpy little soap bars for me. Please keep me in mind when ever you decide to make that batch again. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to make it ;" BC

" I just got my order last night! Everything is lovely!! The Amethyst Chunk is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just want to look at it and not use it! But i did use the Mediterranean bar - oh my goodness, lovely. Thanks for the "extra" too. You are the best!" LP

"Oh. My. Goodness. Everyone needs to buy Angelic Soap products. As so aptly described on the little tag on it, the "Vanille-Fig" is rich, sweet & green :) The scent is subtley sweet and yes, green! Did I mention that my skin feels so incredibly soft after using it? I didn't? Well, it *does*!! ;))) The soap does indeed ...feel rich, thick, and lush. I cannot wait to use the other bars I've purchased. (And no, this is not a paid endorsement) LOL. ♥" CS

"I finally got around to the lovely soap (I had some cinnamon-India soap going on) and it is LOVELY! nice creamy lather and clean after-scent...
awesome!!" MH

"The beautiful hand made soaps arrived Saturday and went out the door just as quick as they came. Shared with family
and friends - they couldn't resist their beauty, no
additives, and of the course the wonderful aromas." KW

"I am so thrilled with my recent order! The bars are beautiful enough to display as art, delicious enough looking to eat and so dreamy creamy that you cannot resist using them as soon as you get them! My skin loves the thoughtful combination of ingredients that the creator uses to make soaps that caress and clean!" EC

" I have to tell you about how Larry is doing. All of his "rash/spots" are gone and he doesn't itch anymore. We used the Caramelized Honey - Smooth Oat Castile on him and it gently eliminated the dried, peeling skin without irritating the rash further. The Dr. said to use a mild soap and this was the best! Not only was i...t mild, but it moisturized (I think) the dried patches the rash left in it's wake. Wonderful stuff!!!! Thank you so much for recommending it! P.S. I’m not so sure the rest of my soap order is going to make it to the gift stage – they smell SO good…the ginger!!! It makes me sit and daydream." LA

"FYI - the "coffee" soap is sitting by my kitchen sink. It takes off anything I can get into in the garden, in the kitchen, cleaning, etc. I love the smell especially after I've been so very grimy." LPA

"Teresa - I received in the soaps today - Woodsblend and 5 Sandalwoods - thank you so much, BIG bars!! and the smell is divine, exactly what I wanted for the coming Fall!! Now for my weekly ritual, going to your site to make another "to buy" list - thanks for your awesome products - my family loves them!" KB

"First of all, I would like to Thank You for being the most wonderful Etsy Seller!
You are so professional! It was really nice of you to send me e-mails. I am just amazed at the quality of your soaps. The scent is just out of this world! I so look forward to seeing what you will create next. I can tell that you really love doing your craftsmanship. Your soap bars will be given out as gifts to all my friends. The way you ship is just stellar! Loved the Gold gift wrap. Please continue to amaze and create your fantastic soaps!" A.W.

"HUGE, fragrant and well made CP soap. I am glad to have more jasmine garden, candy cane is wonderful, night queen a surprise hit (thank you!), love cardamom masala and overall just thrilled with everything. This is a repeat order and I highly recommend this seller. She has a love of soapmaking and you will be pleased." N

"I am in LOVE with Angelic Soaps! Not only do they smell like heaven and make your skin so soft, but they are little works of art! Delivery was super quick. Will buy from them again. Two thumbs up, five stars, an emmy and an oscar go to Angelic Soap!" J

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