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Thank you for visiting Angora Amora. We consider ourselves a miniature farm on our 1 acre of land in Southern Indiana. Our English Angora Rabbits are pets first and loved very much. All wool is gathered from our rabbits humanely without injury to the animals. We enjoy their antics, friendship and also gorgeous fiber.
My many hobbies have instilled in me a desire to create a multitude of different items. You never know what scathingly wonderful idea I have come up with now! We will often have different items from time to time in our store. But always...something fiberish!
I have loved making things for my family and friends! I hope you enjoy the items here and find that "unique gift" for the special people in your life...including you...after all you’re very special too!

~~~~~Helping Hands~~~~~
Any item listed that has the picture of the hands of our little guys in it is a item they helped to create. They love to "help" by giving the bunnies treats, turning the handle on the carder, or adding some glitz to the fiber pile. So in gratitude for their "help" we allow them to keep the proceeds for that item. They also in turn are giving a portion to Home of the Innocents which is the place that took care of Big guy until he was able to come home to us.
Thank you for visiting our store and we hope that you find something that brings a little fiber luxery into your life.
We thank you for your purchase.
We ship WORLD WIDE! Combined shipping for multi purchases.
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