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Welcome to Anhaica Bag Works.
Custom and ready made bicycle bags and backpacks from Tallahassee Florida, made with hand waxed canvas from locally sourced beeswax.

If you would like to pick-up your purchase at our showroom 565 Industrial Drive Tallahassee Florida . Open Fridays 10-5 and Saturdays 11-5 please use coupon code LOCALPICKUP for free shipping.

As Marina prepares for the arrival of the newest member of team Anhaica due 10/24/15 you might have noticed a few changes. We are no longer accepting custom orders and all listed stock in now ready to ship. The best way to stay in touch about when custom orders are open again or pre-ordering sold out items is to sign up for our newsletter on the "contact" page at, we also update over on instagram @anhaica
.For the next few months we will have none-to little restocking of the online or physical shop, so make sure you snag your Christmas presents early! We do always have gift certificates available in any amount. The show room will remain open during regular hours 10-5pm on Friday and 11-5pm on Saturday, so make sure and stop by to see Adriana. She will also be keeping our shipping on schedule and be handling most customer service issues.


-Are the bags waterproof?

Down here our average rainfall is 20" over the national average and you haven't really seen rain in you haven’t been in a southern thunderstorm, so I know the importance of keeping your stuff dry. That being said, my designs vary in waterproofness. Bags lined with vinyl and that have a roll top will keep you high and dry while single layer waxed canvas or bags with flap closures might let in a little dampness or leak.

-How do I care for my bag?

Don't wash it! A simple swipe with a damp rag or a soft bristle brush should be the most cleaning your bag needs. The natural patina process of waxed canvas is beautiful, embrace it! For the lining inside you can use a mild detergent or vinegar to help clean up any spills or messes.

Re-waxing a bag is a simple process and requires a waxing bar, a heat source like a blow dryer or heat gun and elbow grease. Simply rub the bar into the area of the bag you wish to re-wax creating a thin layer of visible residue on the top of the fabric, then apply low heat to the area until you see the wax absorb into the fabric, repeat as necessary. Apply heat carefully around thread and webbing, these materials are synthetic and can melt under high temperatures.

- Can I make a return?

I will refund purchases after the item is returned to me for any reason except in the case of custom orders. I will issue a full refund after the item is shipped back to me and within 7 days of the buyer receiving the item, it must be in the original shape and not show wear. I only refund shipping cost if the item is returned for seller error.
Do you have a repair policy?

I guarantee my work and if there is any problem with construction you can send the bag back to me within the first 3 months and I will refund your shipping, fix the problem and return the bag to you. After 3 months, I will not reimburse the shipping but will fix any problem and send the bag back to you.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.

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