anniesartifacting's Shop Announcement

Hello, and please come on in and see if there is anything that you like.
If you were at my house, I would say pick out anything and we can trade for it, or I'll do my best to set a price.
That's the hardest part for me, so bear with me as I start swimming in this new water...

I want anything that I make to be the most special item for you, the buyer, to purchase. I will do my best to fill any custom orders as quickly as possible and ship out finished orders the same day that they are ordered.

As I go along as an etsy seller, I will be trying to get some of my jewelry that I make listed, and also some of my painted glasswear, especially candle holders.
With my candle holders I will send some tea lights so that whomever wants to use the holders can use them right away as they buy them. And I am not talking about the scentless white metal tin type of tea lights. I am going to be sending out beautiful, soy tealights, with lovely scents that are made by another etsy seller:
Her shop is fantastic and has lovely candles... When I get my candles from her, I will show a list of scents to choose from with any candle holder that I sell. When I get those holders listed.

Some of my shipping prices may vary due to the weight of the items that you are interested in.

I work very hard at the perfection of my crafts, so if there is ever a problem, or a return needed please convo me and we'll figure it all out together.

There are many crafts that I can do that I may not specifically have listed in any item in my shop, so if you have a request, no matter what it is, just ask me.

We accept Paypal for all payments,
and I will do my level best to keep all shipping prices low. If I quote a certain shipping amount and it is less when I go to ship it, you will get a refund on the shipping that was overpaid.

So, please come on into my shop and browse, if you pick an item for your favorites, and it gets sold, please ask I may be able to reproduce that item for you.

Obviously if you are living in and about the Reading PA area, I will make arrangements to either meet you to deliver your item or we can make arrangements for you to come over and pick it up.

******I do have a pet friendly home-But, I keep the crafting away from the curious 4 legged and winged little angels that live with us******