AnthroPoMorphCo's Shop Announcement

howdy, friends! perhaps you're wondering, why is the shop so empty? well...
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APMC is busily revamping listings for many of our current products, whilst simultaneously crafting up some new items to excite and delight... and all this is taking some time! but, as always, if you are looking for something that's not currently listed or want more of what is, please just drop me a convo and your wish shall be fulfilled!

don't know what you want? have a look at our flickr photo set...
much of what you see there is available for immediate listing and shipping (pins, magnets, gift sets and other button-based items), and that which is not can be recreated especially for you (earrings, phone charms, wine charms and stitch markers)! it's as simple as asking, so don't be shy. :)

stroll through the categories at left to find your new friends looking back at you on a variety of goodies ... quirky items for your home or your hobby ... fun jewelry for your self or your love ... colorful accessories for your bag or your phone ... cheerful gifts for giving or keeping ...
and just possibly a giggle or a grin ... because we love to share the silly!

who might you meet here?

•the MENTAL VEGETABLES... sure, they've got issues, but they still like you!
•the GOURDS OF GOTH... sure, they're a little intimidating, but they still like you!
•the DRINKY-POOS... sure, they won't pick up the tab, but they still like you!
•the HOLLY JOLLIES... sure, the hoidays are over, but they still like you!

... and.. introducing APMC's newest collection of characters ...

•the NIGHT OF THE LIVING COMPOST... will you be ready when the vegetables go bad?

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