apexweaponsystems' Shop Announcement

We are moving to a larger work space in 2016 and will now be more organized and able to handle larger volume! Things are crazy right now as we settle in, but we should be fully transitioned by the end of Jan. We are at the critical time in our growth where we are *almost* ready to go full time with NERF, but are still struggling to balance our day jobs. It's challenging, but we hope 2016 is the year we evolve from a part time Hobby to an organized professional shop! Thank YOU for helping us get there!

As of Jan 17, Shipping Prices Have Increased for USPS:
* For domestic customers: We'll cover this increased cost in shipping. There will be no increase to our domestic customers.
* For international customers: As of Jan 17, everything over 7 ounces is $21.50(USD). For international shipments, we'll cover $1.50 of the cost. (International costs used to be 14 or 16 dollars for belt or thigh holster) This means regardless of whether it's a 9oz Belt Holster or a 15oz Thigh Holster, the cost will be 20 dollars. Sorry for this!

Item Quantities: Note that we only list one of each holster or accessory type but can accommodate larger orders of multiple holsters/accessories at a time.

Custom Requests:
Due to the increasingly high volume of production we am unable to accommodate custom orders at this time.

apexweaponsystems' Shop Policies


My first priority is ensuring my customers are happy with their purchase.

I specialize in high quality, high-performance modified and customized Nerf blasters and gear, and have been customizing for friends for many years. I focus on "Competition Grade" modifications; mods that give you a distinct advantage without making the blaster dangerous or illegal for organized events. I don't make non-firing props -- everything I sell is meant to be used on the NERF battlefield or RPG Cosplay event.

I am starting to focus increasingly on gear. Early on I started crafting Mil-Spec holsters and pouches for my own use. This allowed me to create affordable tactical gear to custom fit NERF. I also started creating clip holders and pouches. Several friends asked me to make similar items for them and a product line was born.

My blasters are meant to be played with - a lot. With this in mind my paint schemes are simple one or two color jobs. This means you can easily touch up your paint using common materials after the inevitable scrapes, scratches and dings of combat. My philosophy is that your weapon should look cool, but not so fancy that you are constantly worried about scratching it or dropping it when you go to war. Simple paint jobs also help keep overall cost down.

I strive to stay up to date on all of the latest foam blasters and modifications through extensive contacts in the Nerf Internet Community (NIC). I am a huge fan of Humans vs Zombies, NERF Wars, NERF MilSims and NERF Cosplay events, and understand the rules and regulations that govern your foam weaponry.

Some mods available actually shorten the lifespan of your blaster. I don't stretch any springs or make them weaker, and don't bend or force parts in a way that would shorter lifespan of your weapon. I drill new mounting points and add professional grade hardware, or supplement with official Nerf brand parts from other blasters. If needed I reinforce the body and shell internally with epoxy and glue for strength and weight.

With electrical upgrades and upping the voltage of NERF blasters, I stay to the low end of the spectrum to ensure mods are long lasting. For example I would rather offer a 12v gun that lasts several years than offer a 30v gun that only lasts three months.

I am still the only NERF Modder in the world that offers a Free One Year Warranty on all blasters. Everything is built to last and I stand behind my work. Anyone can "modify" or paint a NERF, or remove air restrictors. Can they guarantee those mods will actually increase performance, work for a year, and back them with a warranty?
I can and do.

Custom Requests:
I am currently not taking custom requests other than configurations listed in the shop - basically the models need to be proven mods and be tested over a duration in order to be displayed and covered by the warranty. If you see a blaster and want a different paint scheme or configuration, or more units of the same model, just let me know - I strive to keep several extra units of all types on hand. (you can also browse through past sold items for an idea of what is available)


I prefer all payments immediately via Direct Checkout, Credit Card or Paypal. I am reluctant to accept e-checks, including Paypal e-checks.


Shipping listed per specific item. This includes insurance and confirmation. For international shipments, please contact me for info and pricing.

Refunds and Exchanges

I strive to provide a high-quality, defect free product. 14 Day Return Policy if gun or accessory has defective performance or you are unsatisfied in any way. I ask that the gun be returned immediately (within 24-48 hours) if unsatisfied with APPEARANCE of item upon arrival.

The blaster must be returned IN THE SAME CONDITION it was received for full refund. Purchasing a blaster for a Cosplay convention, scratching it up and then returning it is not an option.

Will exchange, replace or refund purchase price (sans shipping), for up to 14 days. Gun cannot be returned solely for cosmetic repair and paint retouching after you have played with it and damaged it - or scratches and abuse caused from buyer. I do however offer a FREE one-year limited warranty with every purchase. Please note my long term coverage is for the FUNCTIONALITY and PERFORMANCE of the weapon, not for the paint or appearance over time. For additional information and terms, please see below.

Additional Policies and FAQs


I have been working with modified NERF blasters for years, testing, replacing and reconfiguring components to create performance modifications that increase power and durability. I build these guns and accessories to last and stand behind my work. To protect your investment, I offer a FREE, ONE-YEAR term, limited-coverage serviceability agreement with every purchase.

Please note that this is a WARRANTY and NOT insurance. The warranty is intended to provide protection of your investment in a quality, performance sidearm or accessory that will function solidly for years to come. During the applicable term, if any parts wear out, break, lose power, jam, otherwise malfunction or interfere with performance, I will get you back on the battlefield, good as new. This policy does not cover disaster, theft, acts of God or gross user negligence.

The proof of your policy is your purchase record with me through Etsy. The date of the sale, customer name and address, delivery date and specific model or accessory are all tracked.

The policy begins from the day of your receipt of the blaster or accessory.


Term Coverage Agreement covers FUNCTIONALITY and PERFORMANCE of the blaster. The Agreement does not cover the paint, finish, appearance or cosmetics. Paints and finishes chip over time, get scratched, scraped and/or worn off, and are NOT covered under these terms. If the weapon's performance and/or ability to function is somehow impaired, i.e.; damaged, worn, parts break or otherwise malfunction in any way through reasonable use, I will repair or replace the blaster, no questions. If your 3.7v rechargeable batteries fail within the 12 month period, they will be replaced. If the battery charger malfunctions or breaks through reasonable use, this will be replaced. Whether to repair or replace the blaster or accessory itself will be decided at my sole discretion, based on the condition of the blaster or accessory, components required, parts on hand and complexity of the repair.

Warranty does not cover scratches to the plastic or body that do not impact performance. (dropped on asphalt during combat, etc) Warranty does not cover gross user negligence or intentional damage, and is not intended as full coverage insurance. These blasters are plastic toys and as such, have limitations in durability based on their use and operation. For example the warranty does not include the blaster being smashed completely to pieces or run over by a car. Or dropped off a tall building. Or blown up with fireworks. Or thrown intentionally with great force against a wall. Or torched in a BBQ pit. Or used as a hammer. However - if for example during an event or competition you happen trip, incidentally drop the blaster, accidentally step or fall on it, I will strive to work with you to repair all damage. This particular stipulation protects against gross negligence and/or abuse of the warranty.

I want you to go forth with confidence in your investment, and will stand behind my work, but expect the gun and accessories to be used for their intended purposes.

Policy covers malfunction of the LED light and any potential defective performance of the mounting hardware, but does not cover electrical short damage to flashlight due to submersion in water. The aluminum case of some of the flashlight are drilled in order to be mounted to the blaster, and while many of the lights used feature water resistant housings, they are not water-proof. This includes but is not limited to submersion in bathtubs, swimming pools/hot tubs, lakes, rivers, oceans, puddles, exposure to rain and/or other bodies of water.

All model guns, all accessories, all packages:
FREE ONE-YEAR term, Functionality and Performance Warranty with every purchase. If you experience any immediate issues with any blaster or accessory within the first fourteen days of ownership, I will pay for shipping and repair or replace the item, no questions asked. After the fourteen day period has expired, the customer is responsible for shipping costs on any service(s) performed under agreement.

The policy begins from the day of your receipt of the blaster or accessory.
Any damaged gun/battery(ies)/battery charger/accessory is required by me for parts and evaluation. No repair or replacement will be performed without first obtaining the original gun/accessory from customer. Please note that any damaged parts removed and replaced which are not used to repair the blaster or accessory may be kept by me for future use.

Warranty is void if gun is opened or modified by customer at any time. Do not open or modify the gun internals in any way, as this will void the warranty. Do not tamper with or remove the VOID sticker located on the body.

Warranty is void if customer attempts repair. Contact me and do not attempt to fix any problems with the gun yourself. A tamper evident security sticker is normally affixed to each blaster. Please note that even if external components such as the slider is removed by the customer, this could potentially void the warranty.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs relating to any repair or replacement. This includes any confirmation cost and/or insurance depending on carrier, when applicable.

Ship date of new blaster or accessory is not guaranteed and depends on current workload, parts on hand, components needed and time required for repair. I will strive to notify you of my estimate as soon as I complete my hands-on evaluation.

Please Note the Warranty Does NOT Cover the Following:
- Lost. stolen or missing gun(s).
- Water damage or rusted screws.
- Water damage to electric guns like the Raven, Vulcan, Stampede, Nitron, etc.
- Heavy cleaning or removing of foreign materials from gun. (for example gun is dropped in mud, sand or other debris and internals or parts are clogged)
- Paint or cosmetic features of the gun. This includes wood grip and wood finish if applicable.
- Replacing or repairing darts.
- Replacing or repairing of individual LED bulbs.
- Replacing batteries for light.
- Gross user negligence or misuse of gun.
- Acts of God. Disasters, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, locust swarm, zombie apocalypse, etc.

Initiating Your Warranty Repair Policy

1. Send an email notification as soon as possible, flagged high priority, with "WARRANTY REPAIR" in the email title. I will note on your account that your blaster or accessory will need to be repaired or replaced. I ask that customers provide as information as possible so that I can assess potential design improvements to eliminate future occurrences of similar problems - both for you and other customers. If possible, describe what occurred, specifically the behavior or malfunction of the item. Did a single component fail? Was there a sudden change in performance? How extensive is the damage? This information allows me to determine what labor and materials will be required, and gives me the ability to give you a rough estimate on the completion date and estimated return shipping time.

2. If the repair is required within the 14 day initial period, I will be responsible for the shipping and send required postage to you via Paypal. If the repair is required after the 14 day initial period, the customer is responsible for shipping and should send the required return shipping via PayPal to my PayPal account. Please be sure to note in field that you are paying shipping for a Warranty Repair.

3. Send the gun or accessory and any loose components (no darts, just any broken bits and pieces relating to the affected item) back to my address using the carrier of your choice. Regardless of the shipping method chosen, I must require that you obtain DELIVERY CONFIRMATION in order to protect both parties. Insurance is not required but recommended. It is beneficial to send me the tracking number or a notification that the gun or accessory has been shipped so I move quickly on your repair upon delivery.

4. Upon receipt of your gun or accessory I will perform a detailed, hands-on inspection and generate a REPAIR/REPLACE Work Order, marked High Priority. The final decision on whether to use parts from the original item or to replace completely will be at the sole discretion of yours truly. This will be based on my knowledge and expertise of my own proprietary systems, evaluating the condition of the gun or accessory, components required, parts on hand and complexity of the repair.

As indicated in the policy information above, I do not normally cover paint and appearance in my repair process. My main goal is make your blaster FUNCTION and PERFORM like new. At a minimum I will ensure the entire gun case, parts and all mechanical operations are at optimum performance levels. All screws, bolts, springs and actions will be checked and replaced if needed. If for example the case has a crack or gouge that can be repaired while providing full strength functionality - in extreme situations I may utilize epoxy resins, polymers, polyester compounds and/or fiberglass to reshape and rebuild the damaged area. The outer bodywork will match original case exactly in shape and dimension, but is not repainted at this time. These kind of repairs are sometime preferred as they will actually be stronger than the original plastic material and will eliminate a similar occurrence in the future.

5. I will ship your repaired/replaced/tested gun or accessory back to you via the method you paid for, with delivery confirmation.

6. I will follow up with you after delivery to ensure you are completely satisfied with the performance of your rebuilt blaster and/or accessory.

Seller Information

P.O. Box 284
Inverness, Ca.

Last Updated September 27, 2014