apt213's Shop Announcement

Ossuaria offers a high-end line of jewelry crafted from real bones and skulls. Each bone is painstakingly cleaned and sterilized, bringing forth the natural beauty of the bone and assuring safety for the wearer. Necklaces made from vertebrae are restored to their original order which gives the necklace an organic and also kinetic appearance.

It is worthwhile to note that not a single animal has ever been, or will ever be, harmed or killed in order to harvest these bones. All these creatures have died due to natural causes, or carelessness of others. I have merely gathered them up, allowing them a second life as something beautiful, rather than allowing them to rot or turn to ash.

I also offer pieces crafted from camera parts, clock gears, and industrial found objects. My aim is to create beautiful pieces of art that are eternally wearable- not simply costume pieces for the Steampunk movement. My hope is that each piece is elegant enough for a cocktail party, and also striking enough for an Abney Park event.

Thank you so much for visiting my store. Please come back and visit often, as I will be adding new pieces continually. Feel free to contact me directly my direct message for a custom piece.