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sneak 'thieves' that steals your hearts away <3

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I like to doodle and always had the idea of making my doodles came to life. I always had things for DIY, and bought my first DIY set which is to sew bear. I tried to make one, which I kinda failed at making it as I am no good at following the pattern and such..

Then it hit me, why don't I made my own pattern instead. I started to sketch out pattern for my own and after few trial and error, I managed to make my own pattern small plushie that I turn them into keychains, magnets and more =)

I will continue to make more designs, as I like animals, I tend to design more on animals

Thanks for everyone supports and I hope my journey will continue for many more years to come =)
Hi, I enjoy making handmade craft using felts and sometimes polymer clay to make some animals or monsters.

I like to make a variety of characters using felts. So if you like any customization, do convo me, I can explore new character too :D

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