Ornament from Myth, Fairytale and Literature

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Ornament from Myth, Fairytale and Literature

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Anonymous on Sep 14, 2009

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful! I love it! And thank you for the "extra" earrings!

Anonymous on Sep 11, 2009

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful communication on a picky resize request -- everything was done exactly to spec and they're so, so charming. I wear them everywhere. Thank you for the fun emails and I will definitely be back.

Anonymous on Aug 15, 2009

5 out of 5 stars

AWESOME. Received today. I opened the box in the post office because I was impatient. lol. I got home and showed my boyfriend and he was impressed as well. Fast shipping, excellent workmanship, lovely packaging. Highly recommended. Also, sized perfectly. <3<3<3

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Shop policies

Last updated on February 20, 2011
So what is Accessible Art Jewellery (or, Assembled Jewellery vs. Art Jewellery)?

I DO sometimes use (top-quality) prefabricated jump rings, beads, chains, ear wires, clasps, ribbons, cords, and basic settings; these are all bread-and-butter things that I could make myself in a pinch, but by purchasing them premade I save the customer (you, hopefully) scads of money, as I do not have to charge you for my time in crafting them and the premade ones do not look significantly different from what I would make myself in most cases. Win/win, no?

Were I to make every single component of an item entirely by hand, while it would be an inarguably one-of-a-kind work of art, the price could be driven so high it would become inaccessible to most Etsy buyers.

So! I choose to compromise my artistic snootiness on some of the bits and bobs. That said, I DO NOT use premade focal points, unless they are scavenged from legitimately garage saled/thrift stored pieces. The fabulous wee beastie you buy from me cannot be found anywhere else except in my store, around your neck or around the necks of other astute connoisseurs of all things strange and fantastic bearing my modest hallmark.

There are many talented and creative jewellery sellers on Etsy who channel their artistic impulses into putting pretty things together in aesthetically pleasing ways. Me? My vision starts further back, where the final assembly of the piece is just a tiny speck on the creative horizon.

Where am I going with this... well, if the majority of the components of a finished piece can be bought, unaltered, from commercial catalogues, it is "assembled". The upside of assembled pieces is the relative ease with which items can be designed and put together, therefore the generally lower price. The downside is that where ease of craft and low price dwell together, there also dwelleth the dreaded EverywhereOnEtsysaurus Rex. Popular does not mean inferior, it just means popular -- and not everyone chooses the popular option. :)

While some of these assembled pieces are incredibly beautiful, and (as stated above) I do sometimes use commercial chains and findings, this is not the spirit of what I do. When you purchase one of my items, you are paying for every painstaking step I have taken, from inspired napkin doodle to design to prototype to work in progress to finished treasure. You are paying to own (or give) a small piece of my heart and mind and soul, because that's what my art is.

If the weight and lean of a piece are, start to finish, drawn from an artist's mind, dreams flowing through the hand to paper, to metal, through steel to silver or gold or copper... blood and sweat and tears and the innumerable other unmentionable things that come together in the jeweller's dusty forge that result in a tiny, glowing, metallic brainchild.... that, to me, is Art Jewellery, and it IS what I do -- I just endeavour to do it in such a way that my work is affordable and accessible.

My pieces are:

-unusual, quirky, whimsical, organic, haunted, primitive, raw, dark, strange, eldritch, warped, otherworldly, romantic, gothic, out of time, anachronistic, "excavated" as in an ancient burial mound, old-fashioned, throwback; occasionally jolie-laide, dangerous, monstrous, slightly disturbing, or downright ugly to some eyes

My pieces are not:

-"pretty", twee, shiny, plain, simple, modern, contemporary, geometric, banal, easy, cute, cuddly, ubiquitous, safe, EverywhereOnEtsysaurus Rex

Still interested? I hope so. I can maybe show you something in a tentacle...

Accepted payment methods

  • Pay with Visa
  • Pay with Master Card
  • Pay with American Express
  • Pay with Discover
  • Pay with PayPal
Accepted payments: Paypal (pieces will be shipped only to the address Paypal has on file). Occasionally, trades -- contact me if you believe you have something of value I might fancy. A quick look through my favorites here will tell you that I like stones, masks, leatherwork, peacocks, hairbobs, hats, soaps and bath yummies, purses, journals, jewellery... what've you got in your bag of tricks today?

Payment is NOT expected immediately after you check out, necessarily; I understand that sometimes things come up. After 12-24 hours, if a checked out item is not paid for, a friendly convo will be sent. If the item is not paid for within three (3) days from the close date, it will be put back into my shop unless we've already arranged an alternative through conversations. I think this is fair, don't you?
Shipping includes delivery confirmation, and packages are insured; please bear in mind, though, that I am shipping from Canada and mail may be delayed. The longest I have had a package delayed is three weeks from when I sent it, so please be patient! You always have the option of asking me to track it for you, or to give you the tracking number so you can check for yourself. :)

***Please be sure your country will accept my items before ordering them! Some countries have regulations on precious metals, pearls, amber, coral, etc. Unfortunately, if your country stops the package at the border, there is nothing I can do about -- this is the ONLY instance where I can not refund your purchase. Please know your country's laws. :D

The great majority of my packaging is biodegradeable -- as minimal, mindful and aesthetic as I can make it. Pieces are packed within a handmade, renewable, lightly scented (to offset any antagonistic sulfurous fumes that my shop occasionally produces) paper envelope with recyclable/compostable ribbon, in an "indestructible" cardboard shipping box.

The reality is that most jewellery boxes, as gorgeous as some of them are, are chucked in the bin shortly after the piece is given. My packaging is designed to go back to the Earth it came from, as quickly and cleanly as possible, while also freeing me up to save you a few bucks in unnecessary packaging. Do you really need a skillion little paper boxes filled with cotton?

With all that said, if you must have a gift box for your piece, one can be provided -- just let me know in the comments section of your purchase. :) Items over $100 will be automatically gift boxed unless otherwise requested.

Etsy-It-Forward: In an effort to promote the wonderful artists' community that is Etsy, I will periodically choose a different artist, and each purchase from me will include a small token of their work (an ACEO card, a button, etc.). This way, I can share the creativity of others on Etsy I admire, and you can gain exposure to an artist you may not have stumbled across otherwise!
Refunds and Exchanges
Refunds and exchanges -- Let's work with each other. If you're unhappy for whatever reason, send me a polite dispatch and I will send you a polite dispatch back and we will have virtual discussion tea with our pinkies up and resolve everything comme il faut. Deal?

All I ask is that if you intend to return the piece to me, you contact me about it within a week of receipt. Thanks in advance!
Additional policies and FAQs
"Can this piece be made with a different stone?"

"Can this piece be made without a stone?"

"Can I choose a different chain/ribbon/etc.?"

DEFINITELY MAYBE. All things are possible given enough time and patience. Let yourself dream a little... and convo me with your thoughts. I'll see what I can do for you.


If you are interested in having a piece made wholly from scratch, I only take commissions of this nature in APRIL, AUGUST and DECEMBER. If you are looking to have a piece made for a special holiday, please plan accordingly -- for a custom item ready in time for Christmas, for example, please contact me during the August window of opportunity.

As always, convo me for more details or if you have any questions!

A note on PEARLS:

All of the pearls I use in my work, unless otherwise clarified, are cultured pearls. "Pure" pearls that are wholly formed in nature are incredibly rare and their price reflects that -- cultured pearls are the same process guided by human hands and the pearls are much more affordable. None of my pearls are below a B grade, that I know of, though some may exhibit surface imperfections or baroque irregularities... please view pictures with some scrutiny if this is important to you.

A note on PATINATION/BLACKENING: The process of oxidization that I use will wear off, gently, as the piece is worn. This is characteristic of silver and I prefer to leave the blackening this way, as I believe it enriches the pieces to have it reflect its wearer's habits.

If you would prefer a patina that is more resistant to wearing off, please convo me and I will seal it with lacquer or wax... but please note that this will affect the overall look of the piece and is in no way 100% foolproof.