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The REAL TREASURES I find as life goes by each day, both in Nature and Relationships...check my field diary below...

5-28-15 - 1st seen fledgling cat bird
9-6-14 - 1st seen fledgling mourning dove
08/2014 - trio of rock pigeons, outside sunporch, ladies keep me company when on treadmill, hang out beneath & around finch feeder, not interfering w/ finches, chickadees, gnathatchers, woodpeckers, etc....posted their pic. on FB, named them by color patterns - Emerald, Cinnamon, and Slate, hung @ all summer, side yard, front yard & walk & beneath arbor feeder, perched on roof
8-22-14 - a day after re-posting on Facebook, a video of a night-noisy "sword-bearing conehead" (cricket? type), I saw one on the inside roof of our front entryway, took pix, but left the door open too long & Cloud escaped for the 1st time in 4 yrs., > 10 min. of staying calm, I got her back in, phew!
8-17-14 - Canoeing on Berlin Pond w/ Connie & Bill (our 40th anniv. & Steve's BD) - bald eagle, loons
5-26-14 - after a rainy evening, a 6" black hellgrammite was on our street, it had crawled up from the river, bec. of its size, it was probably 4-5 yrs. old in this larval stage of the Dobsonfly, genus "Corydalus", the adult fly (not really a fly but related to primitive crustaceans), was seen on our fence last summer, & I've seen small ones against the house...nicknames for the "hellgrammites" are toe biters and conniption bugs; they are like a t-bone steak to stream trout and small-mouthed bass; AND, DC comics turned them into super villains in the Batman & Superman comics of yore!
11-27-13 - a rather large meteor, @ the size of a distant full moon, streaked low across the sky, on Rt. 302, fast!, on the way home from Thanksgiving in Berlin, VT
11-2-13 - Steve found a baby snapping turtle hanging @ the wet, mossy trough behind the house, so darned cute, hope it survives!
9-23-13 - purchased - jungle starfish (6-armed) from Phillippines
9-22-13 - plethora of Cabbage White butterflies, "Pieris rapae", males patrolling small areas, in constant flight, on purple asters, goldenrod, lobelia, courting in mid-day, May thru September
9-13-13 - "Sphingicampa bicolor", Honey Locust moth (I think) on the p.o. siding.
8-18-13 - "Actius Luna", a male American Moon Moth, on Wilsons' foundation wall,
caterpillars feed on willows and birches, pale green, eyespots
8-9-13 - "Hyalophora cecropia" silk moth caterpillar, Connie's house, Berlin, VT
8-31-13 - "Poteria Fasciatum" - freshwater snail, Kennebunkport river
7-20-13 - "Enallagma cyathigerum" - Common blue damselfly, sort of a cornflower blue and black banded abdomen, clear wings, hanging @ my new birch stand, common @ water (hence our river in front of the house). Dragonflies & damselflies have been @ over 300 million yrs. At the time of the dinosaurs, their wingspans were @ 2 ft. wide, other than the size, they are the same today, predators of many insects, but cannot sting, unlike the old English country nicknames of "horse-stingers" & "devil's darning needles" suggest.
7-1-13 - baby ribbon snake near our front entrance, we used to see 2 adults & a baby sunning themselves on our bushes, but this year the old, woody bushes were dug out and we planted a birch stand, so I guess the snake family finally discovered our other entrance!
6-21-13 - six-spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) electric green, on the cedar mulch of our new birch stand
6-17-13 - planted "primula vulgaris", "celosia", "gerber daisy", "hens & chicks", "blanket flower", blue hydrangea, "lobelia"
6-13-13 - Harminder Dua, Univ. Nottingham, new body part!, "Dua's layer" on cornea
6-15-13 - "Corydalus cornutus" - male Dobson fly, 4"
6-9-13 - butterflies - red admiral, swallowtails
6-4-13 - "Dryocampa rubicunda" - rosy maple moth, on my kitchen screen door!
5-26-13 - groundhog mama's triplets!
4/13-20/13 - osprey, stingrays, gulls, red-bellied woodpeckers, geckos, pelicans
1-16-13 white mink dodging night traffic
9-7-12 - native pink "turtle head" wildflower
7-17-12 - a baby porcupine walking the road's yellow stripe, looked like a black, prickly softball, hope no one ran over it...
7-15-12 - baby robins are hatching & being fed & watched over by 2 very protective mature Robins - thank you to all neighbors who avoided our door these weeks, now
the fledglings need 2 weeks of growth & care!
6-29-12 - a robin's nest on our porchlight, we're protecting mama & 3 eggs w/ signs to use the other door and not turning on lights at kitchen
6-28-12 - 3 huge osprey nests on utility poles on Rt. 20 NY in Montezuma Refuge
5-28-12 - many bumblebees (which are supposedly getting rarer)
5-23-12 - 2 moose in neighbor's yard
5-24-12 - blue forget-me-nots
5-22-12 - maroon columbine, a cricket, june bugs, caterpillar, hummingbird
5-16-12 - lots of painted lady butterflies
5-14-12 - lots of spring peepers in the swamps
12-08-11 a frisky squirrel leaping from snowy rock to rock in our driveway
10-28-11 2 quillpigs (that's VT-ese for porcupine!)
10-28-11 a coyote walking the yellow-brick-road center line right toward us
10-27-11 a daytime barn owl overlooking our house
10-20-11 helped the biggest box turtle I've seen cross the road inbetween semis
10-9-11 wooly bear caterpillar
10-5-11 my first eastern phoebe
9-29-11 hydrangea pinculata shrubs in full pink blush, all over town
9-25-11 a blue heron flew 6 feet away from my studio window
9-11-11 black swallowtail
9-10-11 a black, bumpy toad, w/ brown eyespots, & yellow & green dotted toes!
9-10-11 a white furry caterpillar w/ black legs & eyes
9-6-11 long pink earthworms that remind me not to squirm thru life!
9-3-11 last two hollyhock blossoms left
7-27-11 archilochus colubris (a 3" male ruby, w/ black head - my 1st!)
7-23-11 blue bunting bird
7-20-11 beautiful Queen Anne's Lace abounds!
7-14-11 an inch worm hanging in mid-air in Acadia National Park
7-5-11 3 shades of pink HOLLYHOCKS w/ a pr. of copulating JAPANESE BEETLES
7-4-11 ...boulder on the roadside was a MOOSE!
7-4-11 Leptinotarsa decemlineata (COLORADO POTATO BEETLE) on arbor vine
7-1-11 MONARCH on the screen
6-30-11 Rosy breasted GROSBEAK, Hairy WOODPECKER, juvy GOLDFINCH
6 -27-11 a baby chipmunk sunning & scratching himself on my weeded stone wall
6-26-11 a juvenile BLUE BUNTING, my first two TIGER LILIES
6-25-11 newly planted red & white PEONIES
6-24 11 a 6" brown species PRAYING MANTIS on the screen door

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