artefleur's Shop Announcement

Art and jewelry are made in my studio in San Carlos, CA
I accept work on commission, let me know if you need a custom portrait or a historical image of San Francisco.

About the Paintings
Fleur's work is based on a reflection about femininity, in a seemingly calm and colorful environment, but in fact often surrounded by barbaric and destructive events likes the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco, symbolized in her paintings by mythological sea monsters.
Her pictorial research leads her to give a special attention to details and plays with colors and patterns as a way to support the psychology of the characters represented.

About the artist
Fleur was born in Paris, France. She took her M.F.A from Paris University in 2000 and started an unfinished PhD about "Figurative Print in the Bay Area". She works in figurative painting, engraving, illustration and fabric pattern. Her style is specially influenced by the work of Gustav Klimt, Henri Matisse and Christopher Brown. Her work ranges from everyday life scenes-often with an eye to women experience- to natural catastrophe. She has traveled and exhibited nationally and internationally: France, Switzerland, San Francisco, Bay Area. She's been living in the Bay Area for 10 years with her husband and their son.
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