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2 weeks

Working on inspiration kits again. There are a few listed now!

2 months

Check out the new inspiration kits!

3 months

2 days only! Everything is 25% off!!!

3 months

Continuing to list Inspiration Kits. These are so much fun to curate, and so happy to send this gorgeousness to new crafty homes!

3 months

Spending time rummaging through treasures and creating inspiration kits. Lots of vintage goodness goes into these. Perfect to jumpstart a creative 2018!

9 months

I will not be creating any new stuffed pumpkins this year, but I have reduced the prices on the few that are left from last year.

1 year

Inspired by my newest creation/listing, I am hosting an ATC swap. If you happen to be feeling creative, visit artJOYstuff.blogspot.com for details.

1 year

New Valentines fresh from my work table to my Etsy shop.