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Two people with the same name and nothing else in common. Or they think so! At first they disagree with strong arguments. Then they insist. They go on insisting with more intensity. The one’s point of view feeds the inspiration of the other. Drifting in the midst of the Labyrinth of the Ego, they turn their thought only on themselves, as they pass through its paths, seeking meaning and aim in their wandering. So it seems in the beginning. So it seems in the end, too.
The Labyrinth, terrestrial architecture of the universe in the endless route of the soul, gives them the energy they often need to discover the traces which are not left by the steps; sometimes like Theseus and sometimes like Odysseus, with a burning determination and desire for the return to the beginning of the new, playing in the darkness of the accidental and the unknown.
Is there a final destination? Is there Ithaca? Is there a Thread beyond the Myth? What colour will the sails of return be painted? Is it worthwhile? Who knows? The only sure is that they will be found again “on board”. Now they know that they can create not only through the acceptance of the relationship with each other, but also from the knowledge that “the relationship with themselves allows them to be alone with each other”.
Their adventure has just begun and their Minotaur is there waiting…