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Dog Bed Covers

Great for those of us who like to not only change the look of our dogs’s beds but also who want to be able to wash them occasionally.

I have also had friends use these just to stuff usually with normal stuffing but sometimes with more creative things like mis-matched sock! My favorite are those who cut up old egg crate foam mattress pads and stack them for use with older dogs who need more support. You can also fold old blankets or comforters to make a suitable interior.

American made. :) All raw edges are serged, back stitched over every seam crossing for extra strength. Not thrown together.

A great way to go Green!

When deciding what size to purchase, keep in mind that the stuffing in most beds will mash down over time so buying a bed cover that is slightly smaller may serve you better. The depth of the bed is not as important unless you care covering a mattress with coils or other metal in it. I like to overstuff mine to begin with so that they will still look fluffy after some use.

ADDITIONAL INFO: I have received soooooo many questions about the bed covers I have listed. I will try to address the most common questions here:

* I cannot make these in bulk quantities. I sew them myself in my home and take my time so as to do a quality job.

*I try hard to make them in a variety of sizes and colors. I have to rely on what fabric I can find locally and I try to wait on sales so as to keep them affordable. The width of the fabric I find affect the size of bed I can make from it. For these reasons, I cannot do custom orders.

*Fabrics vary as to the content. I wash each fabric prior to sewing to be certain they can be washed and also to test the dyes. Please wash in cool water to keep your bed looking good longer.