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Hello and Welcome!
We create original ‘Art on Cloth’ products, from palm-sized doilies to wall size hangings.
Every article is individually hand made with the intention of giving people a chance to own something that no one else has; an individual’s personalized statement, or a beautiful expression of our shared hope, for example: Heart of Christ, Heart at Peace, and iconic imagery (from Celtic to Sanskrit); utilizing cotton, linen, rayon and silk, to treat windows, walls and bodies, with exquisite results.
I have invented processes for creating patterns in natural fiber fabrics. Using tools of my own design, cloth manipulations, and unique techniques we are able to produce an infinite variety of geometric patterns and artistic expressions. This new technology allows us to make controlled line curvatures and create a host of interesting effects. Each item is handcrafted so that no two items are ever quite the same, even in recurring motifs.
Fiber Reactive Procion dye ensures the customer is buying wearable art that will endure. To make sure that distinctive results are achieved, we freehand blend dye pigments to create fresh and vivid colors that are never duplicated; brilliant, permanent, original colors, which are subtle, yet distinctive.
We handcraft, from small to 3X: T-shirts and simple fashion apparel, antique lace tablecloths to doilies, bandannas to wall-sized curtains and sheets. Complicated patterns & hand painted designs are priced from thirty to several hundred dollars. We encourage Special orders(50% in advance, please)