Fun and funky handmade gifts & educational props.

A bunch of Stacey's beautiful hair bows and a hair bow holder she made as well.
This is Stacey and Leslie when they were little. Awwwww....
This is what Leslie does in the library world. Storytime set up for families at a local library.
This is Leslie's daughter Sabrina, she wants to be an Artsy Momma when she grows up.
Our story sets are kid approved!

Artsy Mommas-Sisters making stuff since we were kids.

My sister Stacey and I have been making things and being generally artsy/craftsy since we were very young. We're both moms, and we both have careers related to children's services.

Stacey is a mother of five and is trained as a Children's Massage Therapist. She also works at a local hospital. How she finds the time to make her wonderful bows and tutus is beyond me but she is a SUPER artsy momma!

Leslie has a BS in Photography and a Master's of Library and Information Science degree. She has worked in public libraries in Children's Services for over ten years and has been taking photos most of her life. Recently, Leslie took a break from her library career to be a stay-at-home mom and to run this exciting new business on Etsy. She also works at a children's art center (Art Beast) part time and leads art and story programs at various libraries in Sacramento. Leslie also does Art Birthday Parties for children so please contact her about that if you live in the Sacramento area.

Because we are feeling these tough economic times just as much as you, we offer reduced shipping rates if more than one item is purchased at once and various discounts for certain individuals, contact us for details.

We also plan to donate a portion of our sales to a charity that serves children and families. We are looking into which one to choose right now.

Thanks for your interest in Artsy Mommas and for supporting the handmade movement!
owner, We make stuff!
Hello! I'm Leslie the geeky Momma (short red hair). I run this shop with my lovely sister Stacey- the fun Momma (purple shirt). We have been arty/crafty our whole lives and in January of 2012, we finally decided to open a shop here on Etsy.
owner, We make stuff!

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