Handmade record cases and totally cool keepsake boxes.

raw materials / inspiration / entertainment
Tools and treasures in a corner of my studio.
The records usually get one last spin before meeting the knife.
I'd be lost without my sketchbook full of notes.

Functional art for the vinyl junkie.

The creation process begins with a trip to the record store, where you are likely to find me digging through the dollar bin, giggling to myself as I come across a particularly wacky album cover. Here I turn my focus to finding record covers with great design and typography, popular content, or a high rating on the cheese meter.

Then the careful measuring, cutting and assembly of the boxes begins... This is all done by me, one at a time, with hand tools, to my original design specs. While the glue dries, the record gets one last spin before meeting the knife.

When the gluing is done, the hardware and finishing touches are added. The whole process takes about three days to complete, a bit longer for the LP cases.

The result is a one-of-a-kind item, handmade with heart and soul, from a record that was abused (or loved to death!) and would otherwise be discarded.
owner, maker, designer, Record Fanatic
Being an artist has been at the core of my identity for as long as I can remember.

And I like records. A lot.

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