Ash Hilton Ethical Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Ash in his element. This is the workshop under our house, where our laundry room should be.
This is the fam! Henry poses with his newest obsession: play dough.
A workshop shot, Ash cooling down a ring after soldering it.
This is us on the West Coast of NZ. Ash grew up near here and this is where he gets his inspiration for his etchings.
A ring almost ready to be shipped out.

A family business making ethical jewelry.

Hi! Ash started making Jewellery in 2003 after years of slogging away as a chef in kitchens in New Zealand and on yachts overseas. His Mum recommended a Jewellery course as a distraction and Ash took to it immediately. Loving the way materials influenced the design and the design influenced the materials, Ash finally found a way to express all those good ideas he had floating around his head while whisking hollandaise.

With lots of help and advice from his galleries, Ash was able to quit his day job and work on Jewellery full-time in 2005. Around this time, he started training up his Sister Siggy to do finishing work and she’s been in the workshop ever since (taking time out to have 3 beautiful boys along the way).

Also around this time, a young gal from Texas found her way to the very deep South and was introduced to Ash by her sweet Kiwi Cousin. Luckily, Ash took to her immediately. That gal is me, Laurel. In 2009, I was able to quit my day job and become a partner in the business. Also in 2009, we welcomed our first son, Henry Hilton. Our second little boy, Truman Mossyburn Hilton joined us in January 2012.

Since joining the Etsy community, we've found a real niche working with couples to design their perfect wedding and engagement bands. It's a process that we love and we feel so honored to be involved in creating something that people will wear everyday for the rest of their lives. We think people really appreciate our use of ethical materials and practices, something we incorporate into our whole life-both business and personal.

We couldn’t be happier that we get to have a true family business and both get to see our boys grow up alongside our daily work-whether they’re stealing Ash’s pliers from the workshop or demanding to be fed with one hand while Laurel types with the other.

We are very lucky to have been featured on several blogs. Here are a few:
owner, maker, designer
Ash makes and designs all the jewelry in our shop. He also looks after the boys while Laurel works in the office, makes dinner almost every night and is chief kindling chopper and gardener.
owner, keyboards, customer service
production assistant, sandpaperer, maker of black fingerprints on the walls
customer_service, shipper, assistant

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