ATouchofCouture's Shop Announcement

Welcome! To make room for more creations, I have put a number of items on sale (just in time for the holidays).

My shop offers one-of-a-kind garments, jewelry and accessories. In anything you select, you will get extraordinary textile art from the past or present that has been worked into something new and unique
OR some eye-catching jewelry.
Fabric creations, whether woven, leather or faux fur, is worked into something special using couture techniques.
All of my items are the best-of-the-best that I can make from the best-of-the-best materials I can find. Whether a creation includes something old or is all-new, you can be sure that ANY piece is absolutely one of a kind.
And, to be sure that my jewelry is wearable and durable, I "test drive" each piece. If there's a rough edge anywhere, I want to find it before you do. On the other hand, I've had clients buy what I am wearing before it gets listed. ( No, that does NOT mean you are getting leftovers because many pieces are just tested around the house here.)
Some of my pieces are selected by Stil Studio in Legacy Place, Decham, MA, to be sold there and are not listed here to avoid any possible deadlock between a Studio vs Etsy sale.
I hope that every piece gives you as much pleasure as it gave me during its creation.