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10 months

The sea of bows! I stock over 50 colors of satin ribbon, which means I can tie the same amount of colors of my 3" satin handmade bows.

11 months

We've got 50+ unique color/finishes of raffia in stock. They come in matte or pearl finish built to suit both formal and casual events! This sampler pack lets you match the ribbon to your project.

1 year

12 oz left of this pretty matte white and shiny iridescent cello shred! Great for packing baskets and gift boxes for weddings or general gift giving.

2 years

We offer custom assortment of colors for your order in case you're looking for a variety or to sample the colors we have in stock!

3 years

Atoxicdream sells 45+ colors of satin ribbon in the 7/8" wide size. Every order of 20 yards is measured, folded by hand, and tied by raffia ribbon. Multiple orders of ribbon will come with tags so you know which is which.

3 years

I added a 2nd envelopes supplier to add more color options in my shop. These envelopes come with the euro flap with traditional moistenable glue along the edges.

3 years

A photo of my 30yd raffia spools, handspun on matboard by yours truly. I feature at least 20 colors in either matte and/or pearl finish.