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AUGUSTINA FINCH Our creative endeavor is to fashion striking paper envelopes, cards and goods that have been crafted from the forgotten parts and pages of vintage books, magazines, pamphlets and other magical storehouses of ephemera. Like dusty diggers in the bowels of a faraway excavation, we scrape and sift and sort through the archeology of paper to unearth stories to be retold in frames and folds and forms.

Each of our sources is scrutinized before selection, delicately disassembled, painstakingly reinvented, then reshaped by touch. A nineteenth century book page emerges selected, its creases folded, and its edges hand-sewn. Several envelopes congregate to form the whimsical artistry of a collection of imaginings. Each one unique. No two identical. All one of a kind. This is the experience that we extend as you hold and handle the expressions of Augustina Finch, and our aim is nothing less than to dazzle your ephemeral senses senseless!

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Our names are Hannah and Samuel, and we are also songwriters as the indie folk-pop duo called The Woodlands. There are many tellings of many other things in the breath of our songs, spun of both melancholy and mirth, and conjuring faraway lands with the longing of lovers. These songs from our self-titled debut album can be found around the globe in feature films, short films, documentaries, magazines, blogs, FM radio transmissions, iTunes, Pandora and many other places. We invite you to listen at the various links below, and we hope that the songs settle soundly in your ears.

"Gentle yet haunting, mysterious yet familiar, the music of the husband and wife duo The Woodlands is full of intrigue." ---SPIN

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