aurazencrystals' Shop Announcement

Aura Zen Crystals Etsy, We specialize in Authentic Arkansas Quartz Crystal Supplies. We strive to carry Vibrational Quartz with a high energy signature for the REIKI and Crystal Healing community.

AURA Quartz crystals include AQUA aura quartz, TANGERINE aura quartz, LAVENDER aura quartz, CELESTIAL aura quartz, RUBY aura quartz, ROSE aura quartz, RAINBOW aura quartz, KIWI aura quartz and many other rare and ooak aura colors. Aura Quartz is associated with Chakra colors in healing. For instance the Aqua aura quartz is excellent for the throat chakra.

We also cary a wide variety of Fossil, Mineral, Rough and Tumbled Stones, Healing Jewelry and Healing Crystals.

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