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*avalove* limited edition pieces available 2/4/7 ONLY at Secession Art & Design 3361 Mission Street across from Safeway


*limited edition pieces are available at TIMBUKTU, owned by amazing Jaime Surgil.*2 Tannery Brook Road, Woodstock, NY

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Dress You Up In Her Love

New York is a town drowning in irony. Faded faux-vintage shirts with semi-witty tongue-in-cheek sayings have taken over the city, and eventually spread from coast-to-coast, speaking to the cynic in all of us. This fall, let your sardonic leanings give way to a little bit of sincerity. Nurse the urban hippy inside with unpretentious pieces from a very non-jaded New Yorker Brooklyn poet-turned-designer, avalove.

Peacock plumes, lupin flowers, hummingbirds, and her own poetry are common themes in avalove's designs. Nature-inspired wrap dresses bridge the gap between flower-child and rock star. Want to look a like a modern Janis Joplin without all the heroin, and the crazy? This line is for you. The clothes are smart and funky with a kind of pretty optimism that is increasingly rare in a world knee deep in snark; not surprising, as Avalove's self-professed mission is to create positive, inspiring pieces.

An independent designer, avalove's online store of hand-printed wares is one of those little lighthouses of creativity in a world crowded by merchandising giants with bold-faced names, multiple store locations, and factory-made clothing. Don't get us wrong, a store-bought basic can be a good thing. But these designs, that will make the most cynical city-dweller smile instead of smirk, are even better. - Olivia Purnell

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