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babywearing's Shop Announcement

❤️ Babywearing Coat RETURN POLICIES - PLEASE READ BEFORE ordering.

❤️ We DO NOT allow returns or exchanges due to HYGIENE an HEALTH issues.
Please READ and FOLLOW our Sizing Instructions found in every item description.

We are not allowed to resell returned items since they are no longer "brand new" and present a potential health, allergy hazard to pregnant and newborns. And we do not build into our prices a potential loss from returned wearables that could not be resold and must be destroyed.

Our coats are guaranteed to fit if the size is chosen responsibly;

Our coats are guaranteed to work and to please if the purchase was truly thought of and wanted;

Our fabric is polar fleece milled in Canada. Our polar fleece jackets will keep you warm as an excellent polar fleece jacket can. Our coats are not dawn coats - they are polar fleece jackets, as designed, as described, as shown.

We can only sell BRAND NEW wearable articles, that are coming from our guaranteed PET-FREE, SMOKE-FREE, PERFUME-FREE, Chemicals-free household, from our studio, our own sewing machine directly to you.

Because of the above obligations all returned items could not be re-sold.

Thus, please BE 100% you are choosing THE RIGHT SIZE, the RIGHT COLOUR, the RIGHT STYLE and that you really want and need this purchase.


Please do not buy if you are in doubt, read our non-return policies but planning to try and to return since PayPal will always take the side of the buyer. Please, be considerate and respect our policies. We are a small, hand made business and can not accept tried and worn hand made iems as large stores can, since they sell cheap, imported goods.

Thank you.

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