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Jonathan Bailey

Hand-Carved Cave Art Bison - Clay Necklace
Lucky Cat Clay Necklace
Human Face #1 - Southwest Clay Necklace


The nitty, gritty, and sometimes grainy.

I am a photographer, writer, painter, and last but not least, a jewelry maker. My work has been featured in a number of newspapers, tv/radio shows, magazines, books, and non-profit groups near and dear to my heart. As you may have guessed, I deeply value the American Southwest and the heartbreaking landscapes it has to offer. For the last fifteen years, with a background in archaeology and botany, I have pushed back against development in areas of cultural and scenic value. This work has curtailed hundreds of thousands of acres of oil and gas development in wild and remote areas like the San Rafael Swell and helped preserve regions like the Bears Ears through reasonable land designations.
The rich history of this region is at the core of my work, both in conservation and art. The petroglyphs and pictographs depict vivid scenes varying from sketches of daily life to sanctuaries where religious and traditional practices took place or were told through the images in stone. The rock art of the American Southwest is both threatened and poorly understood. As little as 8% of public land may be surveyed by official land management agencies. This leaves for a concerning margin of error when undertakings, such as oil and gas, are being decided upon. By covering as much ground as possible, I have the opportunity to safeguard what may have otherwise been overlooked.
Cutting to the center of my work is… well… the land. The Southwest features erosional landscapes of red-rock canyons, towering spires, arches, and the much more occasional river or waterway. This landscape provided the Southwest’s original inhabitants with safety and shelter on high buttes, narrow ledges, and towering alcoves. In this region, plants were gathered for food, medicine, tools, and for pigments utilized in rock art, clothing, and on skin. Animals were a critical component of their lifestyle as well, taking on character and cultural roles in stories passed down through generations. This awareness of the landscape and dependance on its resources compelled early inhabitants to conduct certain rituals, including but not limited to the creation of rock art, to influence phenomenons such as weather and reproduction.

My work is comprised of several components. My photographs are taken in the field. Some of these images are hard-won, featuring rock art imagery on remote canyon ledges hanging hundreds of feet above canyon floors. I have risked my life to help record these sites and have some sizable scars to prove it. (Don’t ask...) In some cases, my photographs may be the sole surviving record of panels that have since eroded or been vandalized.

My jewelry is made by hand in my home in the American Southwest. Many of these pieces re-create real rock art images or are heavily inspired by them. Other pieces, like non-petroglyph animals, faces, and large "painting designs" are my own creations. This jewelry is usually made of clay, unless otherwise specified.

Finally, my original paintings are hand-painted using acrylic paint and a canvas. Pretty simple, huh?

As a full-time artist, while your purchase is NOT tax deductible, it does help pay the bills and consequently, in one way or another, helps fund this work, whether in conservation or art.

I appreciate your interest and the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions, comments, or really anything, feel free to reach out!


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Frequently asked questions

Are the necklaces/pendants shipped with cordage?

Yes! Every necklace will arrive ready to be worn.

What can be custom ordered?

I accept custom orders for the following:
- Engraved pieces are for simple to moderately complicated designs (see my previous work to compare). This includes rock art, custom animals, and other designs.
- Ink pieces can retain much more detail and, as such, I can accept many custom suggestions. Please, when suggesting complicated ink pieces, have an image or piece of artwork prepared. Images and artwork must be your own creation (or mine) and must not violate any existing trademarks or copyrights.
I will not accept any custom orders for any reason that violates trademarks, copyrights, or is NSFW. This includes fan art and likenesses.
I retain the right to deny custom projects for any reason.

How are the packages shipped?

It ultimately depends on the size and weight of the product. However, I usually ship USPS First Class. This means you should receive your purchase within 3-5 business days.

How large are the earrings and pendants?

Being hand-made pieces of jewelry, the earrings and pendants vary in size. If you have questions about a specific piece, feel free to message me. I would be happy to measure and weigh it for you.

Can I re-use and re-sell your jewelry in my own creations?

Yes and no. You may re-sell but not reproduce. For example, you may re-sell my jewelry as inclusions to your custom beadwork or chain making crafts. You may also paint or otherwise alter the product and re-sell it.
I do not allow for any product or original designs to be reproduced. For example, I do not allow molds or stamps to be made of my designs and re-sold.
Further information is on each individual product listing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

How much does a custom order cost?

Custom orders are provided at no additional charge. Check similar pieces for prices.