balancingcrystals' Shop Announcement

Welcome! Balancing Crystals specializes in custom necklaces and bracelets made of natural stones and crystals for healing and balancing your life spirit.

Etsy is no longer allowing us to include the physical healing properties of the stones and crystals in our descriptions. If you have specific needs you would like to address with crystals, please convo me.

Each of the individual stones I've used has a unique historically documented metaphysical meaning and healing power. I've listed the stones and their attributes in each of the descriptions. The stone descriptions include excerpts from references listed in my Store Policies.

I price my items according to the cost of the stones I've used in them and do not raise them with the market value. Pieces I've listed using older stones from my "stash" are terrific values right now!

If there is a particular stone you need which has not been used, or one you prefer not be included in the piece, just convo me and I'll change it to suit your needs.

These jewelry pieces are handmade by me in my dog hair filled house while I smoke, drink and partake in as many vices as I can think of. Please dispose of, or recycle, any dog hairs you find in a responsible manner, lol!

Trades for stone specimens are always welcome!

Free Shipping on all orders over $300. Free shipping discount shall be refunded to you immediately after order is completed.

For more decorative and whimsical designs with natural stones, please visit my other store:

Margo Park (world renowned award winning intuitive) wrote: "I have several pieces from Liz including custom pieces. Her workmanship is impeccable. The love, care and precision she puts in her work insures you get a perfectly beautiful piece every time. Her treasures are unique and emmanate the highest, purest frequencies making them the perfect tools to enhance one's energy field. (Auras) One piece I have is great for clearing and balance, kind of like an energetic shower. I use another amethyst piece for calming in meditation. My favorite piece is a powerful chakra necklace with a large ruby at the bottom. I'm saving up for another piece I have my eye on."

Kathy Spencer wrote: "I received the necklace I purchased from Liz and it is beyond my expectations! Superb "craftswomanship" and quality +. I recommend you check out her work. You won't be sorry."

Victoria Stull wrote: "I have purchased several pieces from Liz and all are fabulous. One necklace was supposed to be a gift ... well, it's still in my jewelry box :-))"

Anonymous: "I am thoroughly enjoying this lovely pendant. I purchased a protection pendant to help me with my job as a Social Worker. I currently have an extremely difficult client that had been causing me a lot of personal and professional angst. The first day I wore this pendant a perfectly positive thing happened with the client after weeks of seemingly everything going wrong. I feel more confident with this case now and I have to give some of the credit to the pendant. I won't go to work without it. I keep the pendant close to me at all times; especially with this one client.
I tend to take some time prior to actually making a purchase but the moment I saw this pendant I knew it was mine. Thank you for making such a beautiful and powerful pendant. It has had a positive effect for me and I am truly honored to possess it now."

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.