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The very best men's beard care and grooming products

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BaldyBeardy - beard care, grooming and maintenance store

Welcome to BaldyBeardy!

As a man with a heavy, thick beard I understand the care that beards need. I need really good quality products to keep my beard under control otherwise managing it becomes a complete nightmare.

After trying many brands and being unable to find any real quality beard care products out there that met my satisfaction and needs (most of them were complete junk, overpriced, badly made, full of cheap ingredients, nasty chemicals, fragrances and perfumes which made my beard and skin look and feel like crap - and ended up in the trash), I decided to create my own.

My aim is to make the best quality products on the market using the highest quality ingredients and blended in such a way that will make you and your beard feel and look amazing and at its absolute best after using. I am really pleased to have achieved that aim.
My products make my beard come alive. It feels thick, healthy, shiny, soft and strong.

I have now come up with a range of products that will ensure you get the best out of your beard and that it will look at its absolute finest. My outlook is simple but true, look after your beard and your beard will look after you.

All my beard balms, beard oils, beard soaps, beard shampoos, beard butters and moustache waxes are made from scratch by me and contain 100% natural ingredients. I do not allow any chemical detergents near my beard and none are in my products.

My products include ingredients such as beeswax, shea, hemp, aloe, olive, tucuma, cupachu, muru muru and ucuuba butters, and a range of carrier oils, essential oils and seed oils.

All products are sulfate, paraben and alcohol free.

- Nut oils (e.g. walnut oil, hazelnut oil, peanut oil, argan oil) are NOT used.
- Fractionated oils (e.g. liquified coconut oil with its most nutritious and beneficial ingredient - lauric acid - removed) are NOT used.
- Artificial fragrance oils/scented oils/perfumes are NOT used.

All products are are rigorously tested before release and all ingredients and processes used are UK and EU compliant. Products are not tested on animals.

All products are made in small batches to ensure freshness. Large batches of products which are then left lying on shelves in some store or warehouse for months on end deteriorating in quality are not made. This is one of the reasons I do not offer wholesale rates or allow any third parties to sell my products - to personally ensure that all products dispatched have been freshly made and properly packaged so that you always receive the best product at its optimal quality.

All products are stored in the optimal packaging to ensure freshness and ensuring your products are kept in top condition.

Oils are presented in amber glass bottles which are the optimal containers for storing beard oils in. They keep the oil protected by keeping it in a darkened environment.
Oil blends containing essential oils should never be stored in clear glass bottles as they will cause the oil to deteriorate more rapidly.
Oil blends containing essential oils should never be stored in plastic bottles as the plastic eats into the oil over time contaminating it.

Balms and waxes are presented in aluminium tins (never glass or plastic jars) which are the optimal containers for storing balms and waxes in.

I don't allow any other products anywhere near my beard anymore. Why? Because my products are on a completely different league to anything else out there on the market, and I know as I've tried most of them (a lot of the time to my beard's detriment!).

These are the best - the best ingredients made using the best processes.
I only allow the best in my beard. Using them will make your beard look and feel the best too.
The market is full of poor to mediocre quality, badly made beard products.
Don't settle for poor to mediocre, your beard and skin deserve the best.

I will be continually adding more products including some new beard balm recipes and also some of my favourite beard oil blends as well as my specially formulated beard soaps, shampoos and butters.

Beards are amazing, so make sure your man mane is maintained using the best quality and best made products so you can display yours with the pride it deserves.

Happy bearding! BaldyBeardy.

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Last updated on May 14, 2019
Contract for purchase is between the buyer and BaldyBeardy Ltd. (the seller).
All sales are subject to UK and EU law only.
All sales are treated as having taken place in the UK.
By making a purchase the buyer agrees to these policies.

Accepted payment methods

Accepts Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits
Returns and exchanges
1: Any local taxes, customs fees, import duties are the responsibility of the buyer and if due will have to be paid by the buyer on delivery.

BaldyBeardy Ltd. does NOT charge or collect any taxes from buyers.

Please IGNORE any text placed by Etsy below the prices in this store implying that taxes such as VAT, GST or any other local sales taxes have been included.
This information is false, illegal to be displayed by non-VAT registered businesses, and should not be there.

If you see "VAT included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.
If you see "GST included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.
If you see "Local taxes included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.

BaldyBeardy Ltd. is NOT registered to collect and does NOT collect any taxes from buyers.
Unfortunately it is not possible for shops to remove this verbiage from their listings.
BaldyBeardy Ltd. apologies for Etsy's misleading wording.

2: It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the address they have on file (i.e. on their Etsy and PayPal account) is correct and up to date before making a purchase.
Refunds will not be issued because a package has been sent to the wrong address due to the buyer having an incorrect address on file.

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4: For UK deliveries, please allow up to a week for delivery (delivery is usually within 3 working days after dispatch - often the next day).

- For EU deliveries, please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.
- For rest of the world deliveries, please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery.

- Domestic packages (packages sent to within the UK) are sent 2nd class Royal Mail as standard. Options are present at checkout to upgrade to 1st class and 1st class recorded signed for - for most items.

- Delivery time starts when the dispatch/shipping notice has been issued to the buyer.

- Delivery is usually much faster than this, but a replacement/refund will not be issued until these deadlines have passed as only then can a package be declared as lost/missing by Royal Mail.

- For some countries seller can only send via tracked and signed for mail. If this is the case seller will message the buyer to inform them of this with the option to pay for the shipping upgrade or cancel the order.

5: If a buyer thinks a package is lost/missing or it hasn't arrived within a reasonable amount of time, then they should:

a: check that no one else in the house has taken in the package,
b: check that it hasn’t been left with a neighbour,
c: check that a card hasn’t been left informing the buyer that it is ready for collection at a local postal delivery/sorting office.
d: contact their local sorting/delivery office to enquire who delivered their package, to what address (e.g. a neighbour) and when it was delivered.

Should a package be declared as lost/missing after this time then a replacement/refund will be offered.

6: If a package has been sent with tracking and/or signature required, has been marked as “delivered” and/or signed for, but the buyer doesn’t actually have it (and has done everything advised in point 5 above), if the buyer believes the package has been stolen the buyer may be asked to file a mail theft report with their local postal service and police department, and forward copies of these to the seller.

7: Buyers have up to 14 days from date of delivery to return an item for any reason.
The buyer must inform the seller before returning an item. Once the item has been returned a full refund including original shipping paid will be issued. The cost to the buyer of returning the item will not be reimbursed. Buyers are responsible for ensuring the item is returned to the seller in a satisfactory condition. It is recommended that a tracking service is used.
Standard shipping costs only will be reimbursed. If an expedited shipping option is chosen, this amount will not be reimbursed, only the standard shipping amount will be reimbursed.
This is in compliance with the EU Consumer Rights Directive 2014.

8: Buyer must inform seller if they wish to return an item so that instructions can be sent to the buyer on how to do this. This is especially important with returns from outside the European Union, to avoid VAT, customs duties and Royal Mail handling fees being charged to the seller on returned items.

9: If an item arrives damaged the buyer must inform the seller within 14 days of delivery. Photos may be required of the damaged item(s). This is so a claim can be opened with Royal Mail. A replacement will then be sent out. A refund may be issued instead at the seller's discretion. The damaged item(s) should not be thrown out until advised to do so by the seller.

10: Packages will not be declared as "gifts" or under declared on customs forms for the purposes of buyers wanting to dodge paying import tax/customs duties. Making a false declaration on a customs form (a legal document) is a crime as is tax evasion!
Additional policies and FAQs
The BaldyBeardy name and BaldyBeardy logo are registered trademarks of BaldyBeardy Ltd.

All photographs and listings used in this store are copyright of BaldyBeardy Ltd.

BaldyBeardy Ltd. is a company with limited liability incorporated and registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: NI629366.

While BaldyBeardy Ltd. does accept orders from Germany, it does not have an online or off-line presence in the German marketplace.

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Last updated on May 16, 2019
Frequently asked questions
Important notice if you are purchasing from outside the European Union:

There is an ongoing issue with Etsy where Etsy has inserted text underneath the price in every listing that seems to imply that VAT, GST, or other local taxes are included in the price you paid for your order.

This is NOT true. NO taxes whatsoever are included in our prices.

If any taxes or fees are owed to your government, you will be responsible for paying them upon delivery.

If you see "VAT included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.
If you see "GST included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.
If you see "Local taxes included (where applicable)" - ignore it, it is false.

It is illegal for a non-VAT registered business to claim VAT is included and we apologise for Etsy's placing of this verbiage in our listings.

What do I do if an item arrives damaged?

Contact us (using the Etsy convo facility). You may be asked to provide photos of the damaged item. This is so a claim can be submitted to Royal Mail. Please do not throw out the damaged item until you are advised to do so as it may be needed to support a claim. A pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you if the item needs to be returned.

A replacement will then be sent out to you upon receipt of photos of the damaged item.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, items can be gift wrapped at a small additional charge.

If you reside outside the European Union please note that customs officials can open gift wrapped items for inspection and dispose of the wrapping. This rarely happens, but occasionally does if they need to inspect a package further.

Contact us if you would like to arrange to have an item gift wrapped or to discuss gift wrapping options.

What products are and aren't suitable for vegans?

Beard oils: Suitable for vegans,
Beard balms: NOT suitable for vegans (contain beeswax and lanolin),
Moustache waxes: NOT suitable for vegans (contain beeswax),
Beard soaps: NOT suitable for vegans (contain beeswax),
Beard wash shampoos: Suitable for vegans.

Do you sell through any third party websites? Do you do wholesale?

We do not do wholesale. We never sell via third party reseller websites.

The only places you can purchase our products are here and at our website -

What does 'This Order Includes a Gift' mean at checkout?

It's more very badly worded verbiage placed by Etsy.

It means that if you check the box, a receipt is included in the package that doesn't display any prices on it.

- It does not mean that a free gift will be included in the package.
- It does not mean that a gift card will be included in the package.
- It does not mean that the customs declaration will be marked as a gift.
- It does not mean that any items in your order will be gift wrapped.

My local supermarket is selling 30ml of beard oil for £4 yet you're charging over 4 times that amount. Why is this?

Like everything, you get what you pay for. Take a look at the ingredients on the £4 bottle. You're buying a bottle of primarily cheap, bargain basement vegetable oil and sunflower oil, with some added fragrance oils and other chemicals.

Do you really want to be putting all that on your face?

Your beard will not thank you and will look and feel like crap as a result (weak, brittle, lank looking, split ends, clogged pores, unhealthy skin - you get the picture).

With our oils (and all our products) you're getting the very best ingredients, blended to give the optimum results for your beard and skin.

Looking after your beard is an investment and shouldn't be skimped on. You get out of your beard what you put into it.

Orders to Washington State, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Connecticut, South Carolina, South Dakota, New Jersey, Alabama, District of Columbia, and Australia:

Please note that Etsy will automatically add sales tax (GST for Australia) of around 10% on orders to these states/countries.

This is outside our control unfortunately.

Orders placed on our website to these states/countries are tax free.

What countries do you ship to?

- Andorra,
- Australia,
- Austria,
- Bahamas,
- Barbados,
- Belgium,
- Bosnia Herzegovina,
- Bulgaria,
- Canada,
- Canary Islands,
- China,
- Croatia,
- Cyprus,
- Czech Republic,
- Denmark,
- Estonia,
- Faroe Islands,
- Fiji,
- Finland,
- France,
- Germany,
- Gibraltar,
- Greece,
- Guernsey,
- Hong Kong,
- Hungary,
- Iceland,
- Ireland,
- Isle of Man,
- Israel,
- Italy,
- Japan,
- Jersey,
- Korea (South),
- Latvia,
- Liechtenstein,
- Lithuania,
- Luxembourg,
- Malaysia,
- Malta,
- Moldova,
- Monaco,
- Montenegro,
- Netherlands,
- New Zealand,
- Norway,
- Poland,
- Portugal,
- Romania,
- Serbia,
- Singapore,
- Slovak Republic,
- Slovenia,
- Spain,
- Sweden,
- Switzerland,
- United Kingdom,
- United States,
- Vatican City,
- Virgin Islands.