bananafishstudio's Shop Announcement

TAKE NOTE: updated 2/18/12: Hello and Welcome. The new shop is now open and can be found at: You can still view my archive here on etsy. I will also check the convos here periodically so feel free to leave me a message or email me at france [!at] I will be restocking the new shop every Wednesday...and I still ship both domestic and internationally.

you can also find shop news by following me on Twitter, Facebook or both! Just so you know my twitter feed is also my personal feed so there's a mix of stuff there. The Facebook page is MOSTLY shop news.!/bananafishies

WELCOME: Thanks for visiting the studio. I specialize in designing an assortment of paper adornments inspired by vintage office products and ephemera. I love ledger paper, vintage advertisements, and all kinds of will find these images popping up in a lot of my work.

FYI: Some people ask...why don't you stock more? Good question.My tiny business only has one employee...ME! In addition to the shop, I have another job. In order to remain efficient I try not to take on more than I can handle:) So, in order to keep things manageable and maintain the pricing and quality of my products, I keep stock low and I have a bit of a longer turn-around time. For now this seems to work. If I ever get the sense that that is no longer the case I will be certain to let everyone know. THANKS!!

Thanks for stopping by!