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Announcement   All Canadian shipments will be sent via FedEx International Express until further notice because recent shipments to Canada are taking at least 90 days to be delivered using postal mail.

Due to recent international events & unrest, your order may be held over for security checks prior to delivery. Delays are to be expected.


Last updated on Jun 13, 2016

All Canadian shipments will be sent via FedEx International Express until further notice because recent shipments to Canada are taking at least 90 days to be delivered using postal mail.

Due to recent international events & unrest, your order may be held over for security checks prior to delivery. Delays are to be expected.

Ariel Leong

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Within the next week or so, we will be launching our barely there rings with new finishes. Matte, hammered, beaded, etc. Stay tuned!
Chinese Lunar New Year. As TerraStratum is located in South East Asia (not North Asia where China/Taiwan/Hong Kong is located), we also observe the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations starting 8th February 2016. Business will resume 12 February 2016.
If you are looking to purchase our rings for this holiday season, please know that our cut off date is Wednesday, 18 November 2015, due to the usual Christmas rush.
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Barely There - Find Them Here

"Barely There” is the perfect jewelry line for confident people who prefer soft-spoken, delicate jewelry. Shying away from the ostentatious trend of wearing large, chunky cocktail rings or clunky statement rings, my Barely There rings promotes an elegant style for sophisticated people.

As a GIA qualified diamonds and diamond grader, pearls and pearl grader, and colored stones identification and color grader, I make a promise to my customers: to bring you precious, authentic jewelry you’ll love.

My Barely There line features small 4mm cabochons in a variety of colors and beautiful gemstones delicately perched atop ultra thin, durable bands. The result is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is lightweight and resilient. Customers love to wear our rings during nights out on the town, special event occasions, or to work. The exquisite, subtle features of my Barely There line allows you to show off your sophisticated style every day.


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  • Ariel Leong

    Owner, Maker, Designer

    I'm Ariel and the sole owner and designer of TerraStratum. I love rings and this translates into my Barely There range. I'm a qualified GIA Diamonds & Diamonds Grader, GIA Pearl Graduate & Pearl Grader, & a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional.


Find BarelyThereJewels at the following upcoming market!

  • The Fair

    Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Rd.


    Mar 30–31

    Spring 2017, The Fair

Shop policies

Last updated on March 7, 2017
(this section is edited 14 August 2016)
Jewelry fabrication can take up to 14 business days from the day of payment. If this is for a specific event or date, please contact me BEFORE purchase, not after. Requests made after the transaction will be cancelled.

Gemstones used in my store are exactly as described. Please expect the standard industry acceptable gemstones to be applied to the stone. Peridot, Chrome Diopside, Sunstone, Chrysoprase, Kyanite found in my store are not treated.

Barely There Jewels | TerraStratum does not sell any simulants or synthetics (lab created included) and any attempts to disparage my reputation for offering only real gemstones instead of simulants, synthetic, lab created will be noted, reported, blacklisted and shared without any further reference. Statements made in this category may be subject to the tort of libel and we may seek damages for defamation as stated in section 3.5.5 in our policies.

Please note that from time to time, I may offer something listed clearly and in caps as "SYNTHETIC OPAL". This is only offered if I am of the opinion that the synthetic is so well made as to so closely resemble the high end, high quality opals even to an experienced gem sorter at the first blush.

Accepted payment methods

  • Pay with Visa
  • Pay with Master Card
  • Pay with American Express
  • Pay with Discover
  • Pay with PayPal
(this section is edited 14 August 2016)
1.1.1 At this time, I accept only PAYPAL from verified accounts.
1.1.2 If the payment comes with a warning from PAYPAL that is it unverified, your order will not be processed and your payment will be refunded. This is a PAYPAL requirement to sellers for tangible goods to be shipped, not mine. If you have problems with that, please take it up with PAYPAL. I do not drop ship because I will not be able to prove that the owner of the account is the one making the order if it is sent to another address.

1.2 Taxes : Buyers are still required to make payment for all import taxes and custom duties that can be levied on each package from time to time. Any verbiage that to the effect that "Local taxes are included (where applicable)" is solely a construct of Etsy and does not in any way represent for or on our behalf that import taxes / customs duties have been paid on your behalf in any way.

1.3 All orders are held for one day pending cancellations, or changes by the buyer.
(this section is edited 7 March 2017)

2.1 Shipment :
2.1.1 Singapore : I use AM Mail.
2.1.2 International : I ship using registered airmail for all countries by default excepting Canada. All shipments to Canada is shipped only via Express as Canada Post can delay deliveries by up to 90 days and beyond.
Shipping upgrades are available during the checkout process.
2.1.3 All orders will be shipped to the address on PAYPAL. Please double check your PAYPAL address before you complete the order, as requests for address changes will result in a cancellation as required by PAYPAL.

2.2.1 Fabrication time : please allow for up to two weeks. Most orders usually ship within 4 business days but please allow for the occasional, unfortunate thing known as Murphy's Law.
2.2.2 Delivery : about 21 business days from date of shipment (NOT GUARANTEED)
2.2.3 Delivery is done by your country's postal system
2.3.4 For registered airmail, please note that tracking is limited to the point the item leaves Singapore. Please contact your post office for updates after 14 days from the date of shipment. We can assist in tracking but most postal service will not respond until at least 60 days has passed. It would be faster to contact your post office to see if there is anything waiting for your collection. If you need full tracking, please opt for Express.
Refunds and Exchanges
3.1.1 All made to order items ie. custom orders are NOT returnable or exchangeable.
3.1.2 If it is a question of sizing, we are happy to resize it for you provided that you ship it back to me at your own expense and pay the equivalent shipping & handling charges for return postage.
3.1.3 The cost of resizing is free but postage isn't.

3.2.1 For unclaimed / rejected / packages marked "addressee not known" or its equivalents, for reshipments, please note that you will have to pay for the shipping costs again.
3.2.2 Items will be held until shipping costs are paid.
3.2.3 If you do not wish to pay for shipping again, you will be refunded sans the shipping costs PLUS a 20% restocking fee.

3.3.1 If there is a mistake in the order, please inform me immediately upon receipt at most within two days from the day it is received.
3.3.2 Please note that difference in a color shade is NOT a mistake as monitors sometimes are calibrated differently.

3.4.1 Refunds will be processed once the item is examined and found to be in the same condition as it was sent.
3.4.2 If there are tags on the jewelry, it has to be returned INTACT and UNTAMPERED with. Otherwise refunds will not be processed and will simply be returned to you.

All my pictures are taken using the standard point and shoot cameras (canon Ixus / powershot) or iphone or ipod touch in a lightbox made with 6 pieces of white perspex. I do not use DSLRs or other "professional equipment" to take my photos.

Due to the fact that etsy is turning into another ebay, I am now forced to implement the following terms:
3.5.1 SNAD (Subject not as described) claims have to be lodged within 1 day of receipt and has to be accompanied by at least ONE CLEAR picture alleging the damage. If a wrong ring size is alleged, a CLEAR picture proving that the ring is NOT THE SIZE ORDERED. Unsubstantiated SNAD claims will not be entertained and will be reported promptly, etsy included.

3.5.2 SNAD items have to be returned for a full refund. No refunds will be issued if the item is not received on my end.

3.5.3 Items which are lost in the mail will be subject to a minimum 60 day holding period or when my post office issues me a letter that the item is officially declared lost before refunds will be issued. All postal frauds (attempts or otherwise) will be reported to the local authorities in the buyer's country as well as their postal service for their necessary action.

3.5.4 Feedback extortion in any form will not be tolerated. All feedback extortions will be reported promptly, etsy included.

3.5.5 All unsubstantiated statements will be reviewed for defamation, in particular the tort of libel. If there is a substantial case for libel in any particular instance, we reserve the right to institute action against the maker of the statement(s) for damages for defamation and will initiate action against the said maker anytime before the Limitation period as stipulated by jurisdiction and the lex loci will be determined by Conflict of Laws.

The terms and conditions stated herein may sound onerous and scary, but they are stated clearly to ensure that things move as smoothly as possible and parties to the transaction understand where they stand. If you do not agree with my shop policies and the listings herein, kindly refrain from making a purchase from this store.
Additional policies and FAQs
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (If you do not wish to read through the entire policy page, at least do yourself a favor and read the FAQs!)

5.1 Question : Where can I find the tracking number?
Answer : At top right hand corner of your invoice. It is a long string of alphabets and numbers starting with RC and ending with SG.

5.2 Question : Can you mark my package as a "gift"?
Answer : No, I cannot do that as that is unlawful.

5.3 Question : Can you declare a lower amount on the customs declaration form?
Answer : No, as that would be unlawful.

5.4 Question : Does your silver tarnish from water? Does your silver tarnish?
Answer : Sterling silver tarnishes because there is oxygen in the air, not from water. The reality is that all silver will eventually tarnish. Some silver mixes will result in slower rate at which your silver will tarnish. There is really no such thing as silver that does not tarnish (even "pure" .999 silver will eventually exhibit signs of tarnish, it just takes way longer).

5.5 Question : Do you have a physical shop? Can I visit your workshop in Singapore?
Answer : No and No.

5.6 Question : Hey I'm in Singapore. Can we do a meet up so that I do not need to pay shipping?
Answer : I do not do meet ups, sorry.

5.7 Question : I received a shipping notification from ETSY that you have shipped my order. Can you give me the tracking number?
Answer : Please read the shipping notification. The tracking number is found IN the shipping notification.
If you have accidentally trashed the shipping notification or can't find the shipping notification, log in to etsy, go to Your Account > Purchases and look for the invoice in question. The tracking number is found on the TOP RIGHT HAND corner of the invoice just RIGHT ABOVE YOUR SHIIPPING ADDRESS.

5.8 Question : How do I track my order?
Answer : When the order is shipped, you would have received a shipping notification from Etsy that the order is shipped, together with a tracking number. Log in to etsy, go to Your Account > Purchases and look for the invoice in question. The tracking number is found on the TOP RIGHT HAND corner of the invoice just RIGHT ABOVE YOUR SHIIPPING ADDRESS. The first and fastest thing you can do is to call your post office with the tracking number and tell them that you are expecting a package from Singapore, shipped using registered airmail, and give them the tracking number and ask when it would be delivered. Then, send me a convo, telling me that you have not received your order. I will be able to take it from there and keep you informed of the progress.

Question : Your barely there rings are so thin? Are they squishable?
Answer : Only if you use unreasonable force on your ring, and that would be a deliberate act of destruction which would not be guaranteed under my policies. But then, if you were to take any ring and apply brute force to it, it will also dent and/or deform.

5.9 Question : Help! My pearl/amber on the ring dropped out! Did you just glue the stone to the ring?
Answer : No, all my rings are set with proper jewelry techniques. If this happened once you receive the ring, it was due to improper handling by the postal service. In which case, you can send the ring back to be for resetting. If this happened more than 2-3 months after, it is due to improper care of the stone. More care should be used for organic stones because they will deteriorate with wear and tear. Examples would be exposing the stone to chlorine (eg swimming with it), acid, bleach, alkalis (from soaps), hard water, etc. Please apply common jewelry care to these stones. They might be priced affordably, but, they will still deteriorate if you do not care for them.

5.10 Question : "I see that you have X stones in your store for this listing, can I pick and choose?"
Answer : Sorry, no.

5.11 Question : Do you offer discounts if I were to buy 2 or more of your rings?
Answer : Sorry, no. Each and every ring is crafted individually by me in my workshop using quality gemstones. That takes effort and time and allows for really specific customizations to be carried out. Please understand that I'm running a business with overheads and I cannot be expected to work for free.

5.12 Question : do you have more pictures of your rings worn stacked on the finger?
Answer : Please visit the facebook page for more. Kindly note that all images are copyrighted and shall not be reproduced without permission.

5.13 Question : I am a internet fashion guru / blogger and I would love to feature your rings! Can you send me some in exchange for reviews?
Answer : I do not offer free products in exchange for a review. Sorry.

5.14 Question : Can I see a picture of the ring on a finger? I want to have an idea of size.
Answer : A 4mm gemstone ring on a size 1 finger looks very different from a 4mm gemstone ring on a size 13 finger. The best thing you can do is to pick up a ruler and see the size for yourself, rather than to guesstimate from a picture of a ring on a finger. Contrary to popular belief, a picture does not give an idea of a size, in fact it grossly misleads the buyer the idea of size.

5.15 Question : Are your 4mm and 6mm rings closed backed?
Answer : Yes they are. This is to ensure that the rings are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not having a fisheye staring back at you every time you wear the ring.

I am not accepting any wholesale accounts at this time.

My Guarantee
Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by me in the studio. I have been vetted by Etsy's Trust & Safety Team in 2012 and have been welcomed by Etsy as a handmade seller. All items are brand new and have not been worn.

Colours: please note that your computer monitor may display colours slightly differently depending on its calibrations - if you are in ANY doubt, please ASK before you make your purchase.

More information

Last updated on Mar 7, 2017
Frequently asked questions

Are your stones real and/or treated?

Yes, they are real. Unless otherwise stated, please assume that the gemstones have been treated. Chrome Diopside, Peridot, Chrysoprase, Sunstone, Kyanite are untreated. I don't use synthetics or simulants or lab created /lab grown "gemstones" in my store, EXCEPT the item titled and described accurately as "SYNTHETIC OPAL".

Any diamonds used in our designs are traceable and comply with the Kimberley process.

Sizing details

All rings are quoted in US sizing and it is the buyer's responsibility to provide the correct sizing. I do not provide consultation, nor will I answer any question regarding how to determine ring sizes as I am not there in person.

To determine your ring size, you can either purchase a ring sizer from my store, or go to the nearest jeweller or a department store with jewelry section to get your ring size determined.

Care instructions

Your jewellery will be shipped with a care card detailing how you should take care of your purchase. Please follow the instructions in the card for jewellery care.

Custom and personalized orders

If you are requesting for feature or design that is not available in the listing itself, please send me a convo first.

To avoid disappointment, please do not make a purchase without sending me a convo and then leave instructions under Message to Seller. Such orders will be cancelled without further notice.

Can I drop by to pick up my order? Can I purchase from you in person? Do you participate in Craft Fairs / Trade Fairs?

Q : Can I drop by to pick up my order?
A : Sorry, no. My insurance policies do not allow that.

Q : Can I purchase from you in person?
A : All my jewelry pieces are made upon receiving an order. There are no ready to purchase designs.

Q : Do you participate in Craft Fairs / Trade Fairs?
A : Events / fairs will be notified on my store's facebook page at

How do I track my order? I have not received my order, help?

Depending on your postal service, etsy can offer either partial (up to the point the package arrives in your country) or full (showing the movement of the package within your country). This is how you can access that information.

1. Sign in to your etsy account.
2. Click on "You"
3. Click on "Purchases and Reviews"
4. Locate the relevant purchase, click on "View Receipt" on the right of the purchase listing and you will see the tracking number starting with R and ending with SG.

Because your postal service is responsible for the delivery to you, for the fastest answer, please contact your postal service directly with the tracking number or create a case with your postal service to trace the package.

Shipping / Delivery Times | Gift Wrapping Requests

Singapore Orders : Orders will be shipped using SpeedPost Courier.

International Orders : For solid gold items, I ship using TNT Express. Delivery can take up to two weeks, depending on your location and custom delays.
Sterling silver items will be shipped using registered airmail with signature receipt, delivery can take between 14 to over 60 business days depending on YOUR COUNTRY'S POSTAL SYSTEM (eg if you are in the US, it will be delivered by USPS) Please see shop policies for full details.

All orders are shipped from Singapore.

All orders are gift wrapped.

Production Time & Rush Orders & Time Specific Orders

All jewelry in this store is made to order.

I want to make something as perfect as I can before sending it out to you. As a result, please allow for about 3 weeks from the date of order to make it.

If it is a rush order, please convo me first before purchase. Instructions for a rush order under "Message to Seller", without sending me a convo to check if it can be done, will result in your order being cancelled.

If this is a time specific order (eg : I will need this in X days or I need to have this by mm/dd/yy), please convo me before purchase. Orders placed without a prior convo with instructions under Message to Seller will be cancelled.

If feedback is unjustifiably left because you fail to inform me, you shall be reported.


Made to order items are not returnable or refundable.

All items are shipped guaranteed brand new, unused, and unworn. I do not subscribe to the practice of accepting returns and then clean up and ship it to another buyer as brand new. I would not like to accept a purchase on these practices and I am sure you do not like it too.

If I have shipped you a wrong item (SNAD or "Subject not as described"), please contact me within 1 day with a clear picture. Differences in shade is not a wrong item. Refunds for SNAD will be given only when the item is returned. If you do not want to return the item, you will not receive your refund. Under no circumstances shall the final refund value exceed the initial payment received.

Custom Values / Taxes & Disclaimers.

Can you mark my package as a "gift"?
Sorry, I cannot do that. It is unlawful in every jurisdiction to do so.

Can you declare a lower value for customs?
Sorry, I cannot do that. It is unlawful in every jurisdiction to do so.

Are local taxes included in the price stated on etsy?
No, buyers are still required to make payment for all import taxes and custom duties that can be levied on each package from time to time.

Please note that any verbiage to the effect that "Local taxes are included (where applicable)" or "VAT included (where applicable)" in each listing is solely a construct of Etsy and does not in any way warrant/represent for or on our behalf that import taxes / customs duties have been paid on your behalf in any way.