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2 months

Showing how custom colors work rainbow This picture sent us our wonderful bride China at her 1year wedding anniversary! hearts️ Wish you all the best, China!!!

5 months

Mommy and me barefoot sandals make it easy to make your little girl just as fashionable as you.

7 months

Have a wonderful vocation! sunnyheart_eyes_cat

8 months

Love this style as much as you loved it! Now available in metallic gold color. So sparkling and eye-catching heart

9 months

How many days until Summer?! desert_island

1 year

Our beautiful bride! heart

2 years

Real wedding... Beautiful girls wearing beautiful feet accessories by Barmine.

2 years

Did you know that one of 2016's biggest wedding trends is metallic and sequined bridesmaids dresses. Do you like the combo with our new metallic barefoot sandals? Just listed!

2 years

These two are enjoying traveling and in love with their barefoot sandals! two_hearts

2 years

This amazingly soft and comfortable knit Headband is handmade of the unique merino wool, which is not itchy but warm! Wrap your head and ears in the comfort of our new Headbands. Matching boot cuffs are available. Check our shop "Legwear" section.

2 years

New winter accessories.

2 years

Ear Warmer Headband