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Our rustic handcrafted recycled wood shelves and wood picture frames will add a distinct style to your home decor. Due to the variations in color and character we list each of our reclaimed wood frames Individually. That way you can pick your frame. Some sites use the same picture for their listings and send you a "similar" frame. Does it have knots?Nail holes? Brown? Gray? Tight wood grain or wavy wood grain? You get what you see with us!! I handcraft each frame or shelf with an eye towards color and character. Knots, knot holes,nail holes, tool marks and insect trails combine with wind,rain,sun and snow to create a beautiful, unique natural patina.

We offer 3 styles of barnwood wall shelves. The 3 piece simple style, the classic style which has 4 pieces including a back board which is great for adding your own custom touches. We also offer a single board shelf with iron brackets.

Picture frames:
We have the basic style, a base board with a 1 1/4- 1 3/8" trim.
A flat style, which is a base board with a trim just a bit higher than the base.
The shallow box style, which puts the base even with the trim creating a 1 3/8" box.
The deep box style, the base even with a 2" trim.
Stock picture frame sizes range from 8x8 up to 18x24.
Custom frame sizes are always welcome!

Frame sizes are determined by the viewing area. If you have an a 8x8 print and do not want a mat, you will need an 8x8 frame. Using a mat, an 8x8 can be used for sizes 6x6 and smaller. Overall frame size is generally about 4 inches larger than the viewing area. An 8x8 is about 12x12 overall.

We use glass with our frames. Glass, while it is more fragile, is much more scratch resistant than acrylic. We use key hole hangers for our frames. They are part of the frame and do not have to be installed. They do not protrude from the frame,making for a cleaner style of hanging. Being part of the frame they also will not come off like saw tooth hangers can.
We include metal turn buttons with our frames. Simply loosen a screw, turn the button,insert your photo,return the button to it's original position and tighten screw. Being metal they can bend in for shallower art work or bend out for deeper art work.
Keep it simple is our style. No glass to go get,like some frame sites. Simple picture placement, no framers points to mess with. Take it out the box,insert your picture,hang it and enjoy it!

Our shadow boxes shelves range from a simple square style sold in sets to more elaborate single pieces with large and small cubbie holes. The sets are a great way to be able change a look without having to buy something more. Just rearrange

We strive to be an ecofriendly shop!
We recycle our nails and any metal found with our salvaged wood. Our glass cutoffs are recycled and any inbound cardboard boxes are reused or recycled.

Custom orders are always welcome!

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