basilandantimony's Shop Announcement

Please check out the items I am selling for a ART4BURMA.
You can also read about the effort or donate directly here

Thanks for stopping at Basil & Antimony.
Most of the things you see here are one or two-of-a-kind items.
Mostly I make the designs until I get bored and want to move on or I run out of the materials that were used.
If you really like something get it quick because someone might beat you to it. Then you will be sad.

I do take custom orders and if something is sold I will sometimes try to recreate it if someone really loves it and asks nicely.
It won't be exactly the same since the materials will probably be a little different and if I was bored I will probably change it a bit.
That way we both win.
You get an original, I get to not be bored.

If you purchase sets of cards, please note that they will all be slightly different since i make them with my own 2 little hands.