BayberryMeadowHerbs' Shop Announcement

Bayberry Meadow Herbs specializes in herb blends, herbs and spices for cooking/baking and teas to start or end your day.

Are you are still using tea bags that contain the dusting of tea? Then we have a treat for you. Our teas are actually leaves harvested whole and in some cases rolled, so when you are ready to use them, they are full of flavor. Some of our teas are blended with different herbs and botanicals that will take you away to different countries of the world.

As for herbs and spices, cultures have been using them for centuries. They were used for flavoring, preserving their food to creating great teas. Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes, to soften the skin while bathing and for improving the air quality in their surroundings. We offer a little bit of everything, so that we can satisfy your needs.

In preparing our handmade soaps and herbal body products, we use all natural ingredients that nature has to offer. You will feel as if Mother Nature is embracing you, as you indulge yourself with botanical fragrances and softness. We scent our products with essential oils - even though we have a few that are fragrances. Some of the oils we use include almond, apricot, coconut, olive, rice bran and shea butter; all to moisturize your skin for that healthy look and feeling.

Surround yourself with the riches of Mother Nature.

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