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3 days

Mommy where do vintage Czech sew on flowers come from? Right here

1 week

The newest old stock that no one ever sees -- till now

2 weeks

Celluloid sweeties

2 weeks

Rhinestone cowgirl

1 month

So retro. Old Japan beads

1 month

Out of the dungeon and into your hands

2 months

This would great with these beads

3 months

Pirate booty from the dungeon to clean and prepare

4 months

Stop and smell the flowers

5 months

Yes, our stuff is the real deal. Still hermetically sealed 1960s twist tie

5 months

Antique buckles gone wild

6 months

Vintage ballerina candle holders for your cake!

6 months

Vintage crystal sparkle is ageless

6 months

We have unusual and rare vintage clasps

6 months

Selling clasps at the bead show.

6 months

From scanner to star!!!!!

7 months

At a selling event -- you can get yours from your sofa.

8 months

Even broken Xmas pins are useful -- repurpose for cards, etc.

9 months

Have a vintage clasp shaped like a wedding cake -- no calories!

10 months

Flowers that don't need watering

10 months

Even vintage napkins inspire me toward unusual colorful pieces

10 months

That's a lot of vintage partying for just $5.00!

11 months

How about some vintage candle holders for your summer party?